Bewitching the Jews

I believe this article helps to unwravel many of the mysteries of how the Jew weaves it’s Satanic Luciferian spells in cultures that are alien. From there the Jew can move forwards to dismantling the infrastructure through subversive means. This I can prove from United Kingdom of Great Brtian’s own Parliamentary papers and Acts that provide, and have provided much leverage for the Jews in a subversive attack on the Societal structure of the English, British and Europeans, who are largely stemming from the same roots in blood.

We all know how the Elite, as they are sometimes called, have also been called the Jewish Bankers, or the Banksters, or the International Crime Syndicate Bankers, etc. I hope here to bring one tiny piece of incredible evidence that has been the lumber of so many people around the world, very much due to the immeasurable influencing of the British Empire around the world. I’m very, very much sure that an enormous scale of the population have no idea whatsoever about Section 1 subsection 5 of the Fraudulent Mediums Act of 1951. It is a mazy little act, that as far as I can decipher, goes right back to the very first witch trial of May 30th, 1431, where the trial of battle was accomplished this time in the battle, and it was the battle of deceit that won at that time.

Jean D'Arc Maid of Orlean, with the wrath of God behind her she tried to convince the English not too fight with the cousins the French.

Jean D’Arc Maid of Orlean, with the wrath of God behind her she tried to convince the English not too fight with the cousins the French.

As Joan of Arc was burned at the stake, it had to happen with her agreement that she had lied about her vision of God coming to her to stop the fighting. After much torture this appears to have been an illegal act of war. Stretching further back in the time of English history, we find that no other such accounts occur before this time, with the exception of the Blood libelling of English children by Jews. Joan being but a girl herself, and even proving the existence of God, who else would be keen to throw the poor maiden onto the flames?

Pictures taken in Paris 20th March 2015, inside Paris coach station.

Pictures taken in Paris 20th March 2015, inside Paris coach station.


The uncanny things about the Fraudulent Mediums Act of 1951 all now start to become more apparent by connecting the dots over the hundreds of years that have been directly affected by the Jews. In the background of ALL wars, we can begin unwravelling it. The Act, being Repealed and changed now to a Consumer Protections Act Shedule has been looked upon, from at least 1542 by King Henry the 8th. Whose father Richard had killed his King to win the Crown, thereby making Henry the heir apparent, and eventually the future King. What is important to contrast here is a True English King, King Alfred, brought about an England that is a completely new kingdom, and one that has it’s terms agreed to by the prior Kings of the smaller Kingdoms prior to the formation of England.

England was, is, and shall remain a most magical place, as with many places here on Earth, the Nation, and her People, again along with many places on Earth, have always been the target of the Jews from at least as far back as Ancient Babylon. When the Jews,  who, yet again, have hidden themselves amongst the migrating Arabs. The preferred weapon of choice for Jews is undermining the rightful claim to land of Peoples who do not care to share what they press on others. That is called the Shetar Law and is used as a means to both remove the people in the homes, and replace the ownership of the property in a situation where the immovable property can be treated as a thing, or a chattel, to use the archaic, but still legally determining word.

The Dirty Devilish Diamonds, really not a girls best friend.

The Dirty Devilish Diamonds, really not a girls best friend.

As people who have never practised Satanic rituals in the main, it follows that it’s quite difficult for them to identify a group that do. Which, no pun intended, brings us sort of full circle to the Fraudulent Mediums Act of 1951 (Repealed), note (Repealed), so in a short spat of some five hundred years or so, we have gone from the first witch trial, that of Joan of arc, to a Consumer Protection Act. So, it begs the question as to what provisions (pro-visions) are provided by it? What the United Kingdom of Great Britain website does is serves up is a list.

This list which bears no correspondence to the section which is seated cooly in brackets here, and from there we can see the meanings of the Witchery Acts of earlier passed gone years. Now being moved to a fraudulent mediums provisio, to the new charter for the Act which simply states, taken from the bracketed part, “(with reg. 28(2)(3))” = Crown 28.— (2) The Crown is not criminally liable as a result of any provision of these Regulations.
(3) Paragraph (2) does not affect the application of any provision of these Regulations in relation to a person in the public service of the Crown.

The super quack method of the ducking stool.

The super quack method of the ducking stool.

As usual the whole thing around the Jews oozes of a stench that no other breed can muster. A sly and devious concocting that many would never see worthwhile dreaming, but the Jews do. They dream of it all day long, enhancing and refining their means to impress fear and terror as a means to rule from the wings. Hence Right wing, Left wing, and liberal can be either way.

The mechanism for such unwarranted belligerence upon the Governments rests solely in the means to produce the promissory note, and that one method, which is denied to all others who are not part of the infrastructure of the Rothschild’s Jewish Dynasty,. As it is at the moment, that one method is the key to both the locking and unlocking of the whole situation. Obviously, there are extremely lengthy mechanisms that lay behind the upholding of such a fraudulent insurance racket. The countries using the Jeish debt money as the Nation’s money and all based on nothing more but faith and credit as the guarantee (insurance policy) whereby the money question is merely erased from the books, and therefore the minds of the People of all the Nations.

Click this link for the full extent of the mockery of the Law, when the pro-visions are nothing of the sort, and visionaries are merely fantasy cartoon figures for children. If it ain’t Jewish then it isn’t to be lauded it’s full worth and warranted value, in the ever going opium fuelled torrent of All Lice in Wonderland.

Just a few designer drugs, don't worry about culture!

Just a few designer drugs, don’t worry about culture!

meth opium mushs lsd mdma mj

There are methods of the Jews that people really do need to start taking into consideration. Like what have the Jews done for you? What contributions, outside of the promotion of Jewry, has been made by Jews to the Society at Large? What if Jews are actually culpable for a whole multitude of crimes that you have no idea even exist (White Collar Crime)? Where is your President or Prime Minister right now, being lobbied by Jews, perhaps? What if, just ask yourself, just, what if?

The main message of this article here, is that the Parliament have recently repealed a law that was formed in 1951 and technically ended the Witchery Laws, which is a strange thing that someone would bring this up at Parliament

Socialism for the English Nation, and all Nations.

With Socialism (<please click link for an explanation from a previous article “Bait and Switch of Socialism”) comes the will to allow, to allow yourself to live and grow how you want, to allow others to live and grow how they want, where people can live in perfect harmony, or as near to that concept as possible. The mass consciousness is a thing susceptible to trends, largely these days crafted out by the media moguls, politicians, entertainments stars and many other sources, as we are talking about the Society at Large, so obviously there are many, many effects to that stream of consciousness, and one tributary to the stream is that of the political trends, as we have just seen last year with a trend to the right politics, long my it continue.

Communism's Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher, the Right Wing of Communism in Soviet Russia, hailed like a Pop Star, because of all the advantage she had helped gain Jewish Bolshevik Communism.

Communism’s Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher, the Right Wing of Communism in Soviet Russia, hailed like a Pop Star, because of all the advantage she had helped gain Jewish Bolshevik Communism.

The Jewish Communists have been strangling Britain for a long time now, selling of the means for the many wonderful trades and skills within those trades that had been built over the millenia as part of the legacy of Britain, which helped so many countries around the world find their feet, for the benefit of their nations, China, India, US, Russia and so many more have benefited from the ingenuity of the British as an industrious nation, to the point where Britain was the hub of it, but, as always where the Jews are,  behind the iron curtain drawing up all the wealth for their drug fueled lifestyle.

Or indeed actual opium is, in the form of heroin or coke, meth, any number of placebos encouraged by Societies rulers to neutralise competitive minds questioning their motives.

Or indeed actual opium is, in the form of heroin or coke, meth, any number of placebos encouraged by Societies rulers to neutralise competitive minds questioning their motives.

It’s been happening for a long time where the Jews and their War God have been setting things up to fail for the unsuspecting public, who act as the supply on the endless money drain that’s required by the ruling Jews, who find ways to smoke away all that work done by the People. We, as a strong nation of people concerned for our own health, wealth and well being really do, now, need to start waking up in ever increasing numbers to pressurise the rulers in Parliament to find ways of self-sustainability, internal growth for industry where the youth are given the opportunities to be Doctors, Dentists, Police, Soldiers, Construction Workers etc.

It’s a happy, lovely pattern being sold to the potential newcomers to industry, while the wolf sits waiting for all of the sheep to enter the slaughterhouse before he decides to strike on the weaker ones, and feast on their bleeding hearts. The idea of Unions is something that was sold to the unsuspecting Public before, were the People, the Workers, had had enough . Nationalism which the socialists hated and the socialism which the Nationalists hated, the apparently divergent interests of which were cutting into each other like knives, and, by uniting them with the pin of common sense, turned them into a pair of useful scissors. – Margaret Bothamley – A statement by an Englishwoman about National Socialist Germany broadcast 1936 then printed and distributed in pamphlet form in 1937

Thatcher, Saville and Hatton, Communism's top Trotskyites.

Thatcher, Saville and Hatton, Communism’s top Trotskyites.


Derek and his wristwatch fetish, making sure he was on time to rip as many off as is Communistically possible.

Bringing the chickens home to roost when under attack form the foxes takes some brave cockerels to assure the lady hens life is ok, at the moment most cockerels have no idea of the amount of foxes, no that there are foxes, or even that the foxes are providing their entertainments with the specific purpose of finding ways to suck the life out of the coup, but we’re not dealing in chickens, foxes and cockerels, we’re dealing with people’s lives and the effects of our actions and inactions allowing the foxes to run amok. When the People are waking, as they are now, and are realising that it’s an out of the box situation we’re dealing with. A subversive psychological war machine has Britain, Europe, China, US, Russia…so many countries in the depth grip of Jewish Shetar Law.

Oh how her people love her so, while she sells Private Industry for debt to the Nation in striking a deal with Jewish Communists.

Oh how her people love her so, while she sells Private Industry for debt to the Nation in striking a deal with Jewish Communists.

Finding solutions to get Britain back on track, by my estimations, on paper could be done in about 5 minutes of anybodys time, work for each other, keep the money in the pot for good use and asset value accrual. All this self-serving style of politics is easy to do, simple to communicate, wonderful for returns on investment, and not allowed by Jews, they are the only, only thing that are blocking the path of Socialism. The importance of politics is now being severly played down among the dumbing masses, the ones who politicians will bend over backwards for to get their votes, even now paying for it, Jews paying for their own advantage, imagine that.

As long as the one party state is tolerated then the Nation of UK, England and Wales, Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the Empire, blah, blah, blah, is being swallowed hole by the infernal enemy the Jews, and the young are facing a leviathan that we, as their elders, have no right passing them on when we have the means of great educating again of our people and fellow people’s around the world for an incredibly rich potential future just waiting to be realised and lived, and it’s something to note that sharing information add pressure on the criminal ruling class, who are really the Jews behind the smokescreen and the duplicitous mirrors that metaphorically are used to make Britain fail.

gorbachevFor further examples of explanations of differences between styles of Socialism please click this link

When the curtain finally falls on the Jewish Shoah


There are ever increasing signs that the inevitable is occurring, the pressure mounting, and the Jewish template diatribe is inevitably failing. Preparing an accounting of the raiding on the Continents is becoming the pressing concern now for all Non-Jews, who, are being under the invisible kosh of the Kosher Nostra Jewish mafia system in their respective countries. Finding that the gripping of the respective governments of these countries is now loosening, and the invisible is becoming visible due to the failing by the ultimate gathering of all the information on the acting out of the Jewish diatribe by those who have been hiding under the Jewish veils of secrecy are coming into the light, and to the view of many, many people who have been injured, commercially, economically and politically.

Who at loss and harmed by the criminal elements of the Jewish bloodlines, through a uniting of the same message via good communicating by those who are awakening to the situation that the financially controlling Jews have been running out of excuses and lies that no longer wash with a reverberating of similar events around the globe that finally expose the ones in the Public Offices that have, literally, been hell bent on the smooth running of countries and whose equities have been diminished by a systematic onslaught of Public finances that have seen many off-shore deals come to the fore and the monies got never being replaced back into their respective economies, thus creating financial black hole situations that due to the enormity of the need for juggling the Jews and their criminal ways are finding impossible to account for.

With every passing day new events of the dealings of the self-appointed administrators of the governmental accounts, the Jews, lay struggling with their unclean hands to further brush matters under the hypothetical rugs, and the time is ripening for their accountability of their malicious bankrupting of the coffers of the Treasuries to come to pass. This is a strict civil liability accounting of the woes that they are promoting on the good people’s of the lands where they have deviously positioned themselves by using their own educating systems to keep the masses at arms length, with an army of psychological propaganda always neatly to their defense, the size and scope of the excuses has, or is becoming rapidly to their demising within the political structuring of the internal infrastructures of the International Global Web of deceit being perpetrated on the countries the Jews are without any allegiances to, other than to economically rape the places, using the loop-holes in the mechanisms that set about so studiously to manipulate.

They have created an almost second shadow world, where they can thrive unannounced, threatened or even seen as to what operations they have set up, for their golden kingdom within ailing kingdoms that they so readily absorb all of the goodness out of, and not by accident. Due to the size of the paramilitary operating of their cohesive body, being held together by a catch all phrase of Jewishness, and using that concept to move in their oh so holy manner through the vast lands that they loot. The time is coming where the exposing of them takes as little as a quick glancing on any facebook page, google search of youtube offering, as the whole world is waking and expressing their views on what is happening to them locally, is drawn from the same templates, and thereby giving only the same results and these results are always miserable in every way, and without any actual catch net situation of the respective governments acting as the true insurers of the People’s that they purport to take an interest in by their faux governing styles.

It’s easy to contrast what a true government with the interests concerning the People, caring for industry, agriculture, construction and financing is certainly not the templates being dished out by the Internationalists with their many octopus tentacles firmly in the pies of the producing countries that work so arduously to compete, in what is reported to be, an ever difficult market place. All this is tantamount to willful deceit and willful negligence by the parties involved, and you won’t find any Jews begging on the streets who have been educated to join in the big shoah and collect from the host nations People’s for every dollar on the dime.

The upside down nature of Judaism has been one of their giveaways in that where common sense is warranted, the respective situations are wholly being left without, and met with a barrage of time wasting and political childishness by those in charge who, according to the scripts they are given, need to cling onto the directorship of the event or they’ll find themselves without. The political blackmailing has become the mainstay of the Jews in the political arenas, and the threat of terror the force that brings their will to be carried through by people who are in the know, and wish it so for their own selfish pride and prejudices.

There is nothing Godly about the Jews actions and reactions, it is a simple hard sell situation where they have to fight tooth and nail to get their will to be done, as the stakes they have cast for themselves have been their own burdens, and thus their driving force to remain as a hidden hand. Always seeking to pass liability and blame onto others who due to the wide berthing of the lies are then under enormous scrutiny, at least in an illusory sense by way of an artfully manipulating media system that is all part of the Jewish mechanisms for subversive mass mind controlling.

The simple castrating of themselves into their own enclaves demonstrates a complete lack of will to enjoy the truest diversity of the People’s who surround them greatly in number, and in richness of character. The level that they allow for entertainment purposes, political purposes, banking endeavours, as reported in the mass media publishing houses is always dumbed down to levels that the ordinary man finds difficult to fathom, but is most always met with a match of default by way of the complex nature of events. This a wholly bogus situation, and one that draws exactly from the Judaic manuals of divide and conquer, and at this stage in the game, some thousands of years down the line, the Jewish divisions of societies has split so many departments of infrastructure, language, entertainment, that the sheer audacious and childish scenarios being played out by them constantly serves as true testimony to their willfully wicked ways, that allow them to cash in on, simply because of where they’ve, again, deviously positioned their kind within societies engine rooms.

The places to look for these rapscallions are in the Charities, the financial institutions, the educational institutions, the medical institutions, the insurance house and brokerages, wherever you will look to find the Jews within the respective societies you will be finding a networking of them with their hands firmly on the levers of wealth distributing of enormous sums of unaccountable money once it’s been fast tracked to Israel via the hyper fast electronic currencies system that they manage oh so well from their strategically positioned International Banking Institutions, Stock Markets and Realtors/Estate Agencies. The whole set up is one massive construct with only one design in mind and that design is to remain within the protective reins of the Jewish diaspora and keep the links of the chains within it also.

In seeking to find ways to gauge the presence of the Jews and what they do, one must contrast what are the circumstances without them in these Public Offices where they are given the free reign, simply because upstairs is one of their tribe, so no matter the incompetence, they have been chosen for the job at hand on merit that they are within the confines of Judaism, and that is, until these latest days, their ultimate insurance policy. The insurance game is in truth a game of chance, and the limiting liabilities of the insurers is a roulette wheel that is well fixed to the advantages of the Jews who not only run the racket, but also charge for the benefits of their agents operating it for you, in your own country and respective countries.

The whole essential element of the Judaic system is built upon secrecy of communicating information in a commercial sense that knocks out of the way any and all standing within the financial situations of the economic trading of pieces of paper, which are now obviously being hocked by way of electronic means for super fast, and largely unaccountable trading. What policing does the Jew fear in a world where they have crowned themselves as kings and one that their God is forever indebted to them, creating a situation of justifiability within the white-collar criminal section, that they run through their own self regulating institutions such as CIA, FBI, NSA, NCA, SFO, Interpol and the like. Last year the incredibly well connected Bank of England managed to find a way to set up it’s own self-regulating body the Prudential Regulating Authority, which was divided up from the FSA, which is now the FSO, all toothless either way. At least toothless when it comes to confessing to the Public at Large on what the resulting actions from their financial disasters have created for the unsuspecting Public to now carry further the charges of ever ballooning debts into further generations.

What is largely left unaddressed is the double-speak of the accounting world, which in of itself has it’s own completely alien terminology granting a convenient chasm between the toothless regulatory, the courts and the policing authorities. The trivialising of events is a number one priority for Jews, this then gives them the clearance they look for, amidst battle ready Kosher lawyers who are networking feverishly to uncover the methods to find ways to bring about reasonable doubts for justifying their criminal behaviours, while at the other length of their arms they will be grooming the lobbyists as to what the scripts for the ruling parties within governments, to coerce, by way of creating new laws that like a voodoo doll remotely deflate any immunities to their commercial treachery that has gotten so many killed by way of unwarranted war activities, starvation, hypothermia, suicides, even getting the most prison population the world has ever seen as an industry that is now demanding of the inmates to work 40 hour weeks, all without protection of the Constitutions due to their disenfranchisement during incarcerating.

The hoodwink continues with the democratic system where the whole throw of the dice is based on which Jew shall be chosen to represent Jews within the governments who are merely bankrolling endlessly to pay for their lavish lifestyles that the Jews allow them to have as long as they tow the line accordingly, as we saw with Benjamin Netenyahus Unconstitutional speech in Washington DC, it has never been any President in charge at the White House, and that is, or was, thought to be a sacrilegious positioning of a single man capable to stand for all of the good things that nay country prides itself upon, and one who through clever negotiating can bring about excellent partnerships with other countries, and corporations to the actual benefit of the People who have taken the ticket and time to put that ticket in the box, because they owe a shared belief in the social issues that warrant a strong leader with strong leadership qualities, and  the Wizard behind the curtain exposed himself to the world with his position as Israeli Prime Minister, and the missing presence of the President of the United States in his own Congressional gathering, lays out who, and which body is actually the one administrating the whole deal on the International levels.

There are only so many levers to pull to get things right, but the willful incompetence of the Jewish puppets playing the parts of would be strong leaders, fueled by the media in a concerted effort to psychologically affect the thinking mans brain, and set him ever further apart from the controlling mechanism, that basically amount to access to the cash box, done in such a way that the man on the street finds himself at the whim of a country who use a Basic Law as a token of a Constitution, is left looking at the newspapers and tv news in disbelief at what he’s seeing, because the governments are willing it so, and it’s a case of, here’s the liabilities man on the street, what are you going to do about it? There’s nothing to be done, because this is a direct set up ambush situation that is supposed to leave the man on the street, his family and friends, in positions of helplessness and hopelessness, which creates now the void, and right on cue the void will be filled, by the God’s chosen.

They set themselves apart, because there’s not supposed to be a mixing of bloods, by their estimating, and that is something that if they can force through undermines the positions of the man on the street, with his families and friends families all now non-Jews and left holding a Jew food token, that if the Jew is so gracious to allow to be cashed in, the man on the street can thank his newly self-appointed and wholly warranted chief of staff as the provider, and there is the aim of the Jews, to get the People to treat them as the Gods that they so narcissistically desire.

Imagine yourself in the position of the Jews in this artificially benefiting construct, where as a world movement it’s been possible to get everyone into compliance to hail your people as the Gods and you now have the controlling majority holding your tokens, taking your discretion to their benefits and you didn’t even do anything, other than get trained within a fluctuating catch all construct that serves as the Golden Ticket for symbolic worship, and you have created, or helped to create what is equal to a rat run for humans to jump on board and keep that rat run as a hamster wheel situation where you can harvest at will and answerable to nobody. Those times are ending, and rightfully so, and the new times promise paradise in healthy, wholesome foods, fresh clean waters, fresh air, affordable means to live, enjoy life, travel, take time to do charitable work that actually has some meaning, and is not simply siphoned to some far off distant island to be held in some trust account never to be seen again, until the day of the return of the Jewish Messiah, where everything will be cashed in, and remember blood has effected payment in the past, and it’s an aim of the Jews to keep the banks and the blood banks full for their private use and administrating.

Gone will be the days of running around frantically looking for foods of any actual substantial nutritional value, as the schooling can be broadcast through media outlets, local foods can be distributed in ways that serve the communities, and not stock piled for means of balancing the fake money economy that simply east into the wage packets and salaries of each and every individual with a mind to part take in that way of living, which has been forced on so many, due to the outgrowing of city life, and the administrative ways of the cities being mushroomed to reach the outer lying towns and villages, who are wholly unaware of what’s coming down the pipe, because they are foreign concepts that are being taken up by society in a scenario where there’s a choice of Judaism or no choice at all.

A crooked, self-defeating ecology is not a sustainable economy, and people with consciences are easily seeing the differences, as Judaism is all about promoting Judaism at any and all costs, and passing by the possible potential risk scenarios that the Jews will easily cover due to their strategic positioning within societies string pulling Offices, that serve to simply move the operative from locality to another with consummate ease to erase any threat of the person who has simply carried out the will of the Jews and caused as much misery as possible, to the gain of the Jews, and then the person shall have to deal with a new management team, restructuring, it’s just a nice convenient way to move one from one Office to another Office with as little fuss as possible, knowing the man on the street will be left with nothing more than a bill in his hand, and bailiffs waiting to apprehend his property, known within Judaism as Shetar Law.