The Bait and Switch of Socialism.



It’s a real doozy for crooked salesmen to sell the snake oil as the cure all, and Socialism is a cure all when not sold as a patsy for something toxic to the purchasers. What we’re experiencing here is a waking up on a mass scale never experienced before in the known history due to the communicating endeavours of people who wish to remove saboteurs from the constructing of natural and organically outgrowing societies.

Taking Marxism, touted as being a form of Social Science, and an exacting form at that, as a prime example at the level of sophistication of Socialism as a doctrine. Then applying it to the greater world, it’s just so obvious that the returns making good on investment, for that which is possible for the good of all mankind is not there. There has to be rules to be adhered to or all will fail, and this is what’s being caused by the Jewish led puppet State governments around the world. They act in a co-ordinating way, with the press, among others, to submit to the people that Socialism as we know it is producing this artifically produced crap that we’re being sold as Socialism. The whole thing is complete and utter, and not to mention criminal under the Rico Act, ridiculing of the existence of people on this planet.

Yes, we have our phones and can communicate anywhere with pretty much anyone for any length of time, but look at the cost the paymasters will on us. Should we wish to talk to people wherever they may be for our own wants, needs or whatever private business it is, it is of no right for snoops under any premises or disguise, and the protecting mechanisms to maintain privacies is being hacked from within by the Jewish saboteurs and their minions, and there are millions of them. This is not even the full picture, what remains is also that people are still needing to divvy up payments, in debt monies, to warrant, or justify, their own existence, when we’re swimming in tech that could feed, house, clothe and much more besides when we will it to, and we’re being held back into the stone age by the very people who have willed that time period into existence since records began.

Jews and their woes.

Jews and their woes.

The deal is that rat-race scenario the Jews have been busily constructing to juggle all the plates and keep them up in the air at once is becoming a massive chore for them to bear, and they have no contingency plans for letting go of what they’ve parasited from for many millenia through forced fear, terror and subversive misselling and misrepresentations of themselves as God’s ONLY Chosen People here on Earth.

There is a term in Latin Qui Bono which asks the question as to who benefits, and is used in investigating of many different sorts, and one that people can ask themselves about the politics they spout. Largely politics is very misunderstood by the nature of man, in that unless you have agendas then successful politics come very easy for the good of all, and at least for fair compromise on decisions, what can be so pressing that lives need to be taken for political causes, and ALL causes are political causes.

What has happened is that the language structuring over time has been chiseled into a sculptured work of art as per use for the creators of it, and those creators have constructed the twisty linguistics, which is why instances such as ‘charge of the Light Brigade’ and other disasters throughout history 9/11 cough, cough! For the Jews to have a central hub of educating via a systematic catch all, it has come to pass that the educating institutions are acting now as a catch-all for any who may have potentials to causing threats in the futures for unwravelling the devious fraudsters who cavort their riches in their rags for all to pay to see, and something which the internet in many ways can provide for free.

There’s so much going on that it is essential to understand things from a point of origin that can be maintained and act as a reference point for lining things up in what is called in geometry and other forms of constructing as “true line” this is easy, and is based on the law of three, in that when the two end points are lined up, the true line will be when a third point somewhere in between them matches, and this gives the true line, that is undeviating, unlike the slippery serpents tongues of the snake oil sales men who will tell you day is night, and convince you the same, even though you’re not buying what their peddling because truth be told, it holds less than zero value, and wanting something in return for less than zero is what is coming to accrue here in the accountancies with this funny money that the Jews are insisting is the only form of money both within and between States and that we have no stake in our own States, it’s ridiculous, and plummeting the finances of State economies into a never ending debt conveyor belt, constructed for only the same reason, and warranting the administrators of governments, ie Jewish banking houses the rights and subrogations of the good people of States into a quagmire of debt that eats away at their inherent legacies as built up within the State constructs for the enjoyment of the rightful heirs to those fruits of arduous labour over the centuries, swept away in a second at the stroke of a pen or of the push of a button on some computer somewhere controlling the actions of people attempting to believe in a fair and just political system that they contribute to, and are willfully deceived of.

That we live in a fair and just system in of itself is a complete lie, and tantamount to fraud, and would be indictable were it not for the fact that the Courts are controlled by the Jews and therefore it really is that much of a closed shop, but nothing is without remedy and people are seeking remedies from crushing necessities, and if one thing necessity is, it is the mother of invention.

Robert Deniro’s Jewish, talking Italian.

Robert Deniro’s Jewish, talking Italian –

Deniro talking Italian with Shimon Peres

Deniro talking Italian with Shimon Peres

A little known fact about the faux Hollywood movie icon, whose films built egos within viewers minds far and away beyond the call of duty, and turned once decent habitable places into mini-mafiosi training grounds that have since become cocaine infested, as well as other drugs justified by the Hollywood magic mind control machine setting societal standards across the board in carpet bombing like waves of subversive political propaganda.
All the rhetoric of Hollywood is subversive in its messaging, it’s finding it’s way of glossing over issues that European and American values are counter too, yes, it can be titillating, yes, it can be teasing and yes it can be fun to watch the outrageous multi-gajillion dollar industry spin out yarn after successful yarn, glitzed and glammed to the hilt in a society now where, for example, doctors and nurses are among the many important workers of society who take the back seat to the largely incestuous Hollywood faux hero brigades.
The money doled out for the making of these films far outweighs budgets to run cities per annum in many cases, and the returns have never been better according to the statistics, but one key component in the make-up of the oh so super dreamy creamy lifestyle for the Hollywoodites and their keepers is that the industry appears to be like it’s sister industry, banking, a complete bottomless pit of funding for projects that serve little to no purpose, and very often, as seen now with shades of shite, to the detriment of our society and the dreams of it for posterity for the future generations who are ceasing to be born, in some aspect due to economics, in other aspects due to political overdriving by the ones who have assumed power.
Many of the “Stars” we are sold as being our messengers of truth for broadcasting the meaningful messages to the masses, as paid for by the industry, who garners those monies from the audience frequenting the cinematic establishments for their entertainment, and find themselves being subjected to CIA mind control programmes that defy the rules of our society, in that, our rules were once guided by the morally upstanding elders who were wise in the ways of the world, and would be responsible for passing those valuable life skills to be passed on in a world where they hold value.
What we’re seeing at this juncture in time is a society being allowed to progress far more quickly than it is being endeavoured to be correctly monitored and regulated accordingly. The non-affiliating governments of their own appointment ignore and set to closing down avenues of communication on a mass scale, with co-ordinated promoting for fair air time to anyone with a message outside of the non-affiliateds message of confusion, helplessness, hopelessness and charges for more of this type of governance, ignored as if the message other than theirs exists, or is of merit, because it is outside of the template of the “Temple of Judea”.
Much has been passed off as meaningless dross within our society and now the snowball gathering rapidly as the incline steadily increases and more and more snow which attaches itself where it can is driving on a direct crash course to the village in the valley who has not taken up the sense to acclimatise to the mountain living, and is ignorant of the impending avalanche heading their way over the ridge. There’s nothing now that society is being offered that is outside the realms of good living, and even contrary the things that are, are being either out-priced, kept out of the market place by giant multi-national government affiliated corporate bodies whose self-serving agenda is to haul all the money for all eternity into their off-shore bank accounts to further the same aforesaid agendas.
All of the political parties in each country have been given the script by the directors of the world stage performance so that Hollywood can pick up the mantle and guarantee perfect representations of events as they take place, dropping mysterious names here and there to fulfil the curiousity of the onlookers and to take the political agenda out of the stratosphere of the average man on the street rendering himself feeling helpless at the enormity of the world’s problems, which are merely fabricated and manufactured events taking place with the one goal of free passage to heaven on earth while the rest fester amongst themselves cajoled and goaded by the ones with the free passage in heaven on earth, as a means to keep that status quo.
Further there is nothing being done by any government on this planet to address European people’s issues where they count, other than continuing to rob them, infiltrate them, debase them and attempt to control them into oblivion while the European people’s encourage governmental control, for they know it is of value, but right now it’s the deliberate malmanagement of the said governments that are swallowing up entire ethnic groups under the guise of administration by government, which is contrary to any Constitutionally ran country, not least our Constitutional Monarchy here in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland which is now being sold as a “Liberal Democracy” and the catch words, tag names and other means to spin the politics through medias such as Hollywood and the like are tantamount to a machine operating in unison for the undermining of the moral values and worth of the people’s in the nations whose societies are now no longer serving them to the best of their ability, or even at all, but actually acting as a conveyor belt in a guillotine of mass genocidal happenings.
Take a look around you, and compare the same to the events as portrayed by Hollywood and forget the escapism, we have dreams for that, or in instances were Hollywood can serve those inspiring dreams, what are they doing in relation to what actually consists of inspiring dreams? The realities created by Hollywood are funded by the largest banking institutions on the planet right now, so why would they be serving your self-interests?