Jews, the Snakes in Society’s Grass

Every Nations Political Rhetoric is drawn from the same template, that of the Fanatic Fundamental Ultra-Orthodox Extremist Religious Death Cult Sect, The Satmar, Haredi, Haredism, who are paid to be Mystics in Israel, US and beyond. These Jewish Fanatic Fundamental Ultra-Orthodox Extremist Religious Death Cultists don’t work as contributors to the Societies they live amongst, rather hold themselves as enclaves for Politicians and their ilk to run to for guidance, for use of their network, which is the Synagogue.
The Rabbis hold all the keys because of Tax Laws, and while the Jewish Fanatic Fundamental Ultra-Orthodox Extremist Religious Death Cult exists as it is, then they can claim a status reserved for non-Commercial entities. This Tax free lifestyle is one that is the mainstay of the Fanatic Fundamental Ultra-Orthodox Extremist Religious Death Cultists so they can breed their Jewish Banking systems onto unsuspecting people, who have no idea that the practice is already outlined as the Headless Horseman in the, and the reason why is, that those notes stemming from Jewish Fanatic Fundamental Ultra-Orthodox Extremist Religious Death Cult banks are without current issue, because they appear from nowhere and are linked, or backed by nothing whatsoever other than acceptance in Commerce, but the current debt remains, which is also why no eco-no-money will ever recover, the nearest maybe North Dakota, which is the ONLY State owned bank in the Federal 50, and even that holds debt on its books as a means to continue within the Jewish Fanatic Fundamental Ultra-Orthodox Extremist Religious Death Cult Monopoly on the eco-no-money.
Let us take the scenario of a 12 years old Jesus in the Temple lashing and kicking out the money changers, what was it that he understood about their presence in the Temple on the day that he’s come to pray. For one it suggests that the money changers other than share the same day of worship as the boy, two that they are partaking in Commerce in Gods house and three that their money being changed points to something of another jurisdiction to which the boy is in opposition to.
Why is money so important to Jews? The term money has become a very one dimensional term, that has so many connotations, especially since there isn’t any per se until people have agreed what they shall use as the money, whether it be a barter exchange, an in lieu thing, an accruing payment or any manner of different means. What the Jews have done is to create the illusion that their Central Bank system money is the only form of money allowed usable. This is because now the State, standing at approximately 192 at my last count, all have signed into the Central Banking system which is ran through a plethora of different institutions including IMF, World Bank, Bank of International Settlements, DTC, Euroclear, formerly London Clearing House, Eurostream, even IRS is a form of bank as are all Treasuries, and this is proven by a) the definition of banker; One who is in the business of banking (Black’s Law Dictionary 1st Edition) b) The Treasuries are how the barnacles of the Jewish Fanatic Fundamental Ultra-Orthodox Extremist Religious Death Cultists Pirate Ship attach itself to the Rock of landed banking, which was always stocked from grain and such things in stores for the benefit of the people contributing from their efforts, generally by means of farming, fishing and hunting.
So we have the Headless Horseman running around picking anyone up that it can reach from its bolting steed, which is akin now to the Police, who are nothing more than revenue collectors for the Jews and are attempting to establish themselves as the authority on the planet, let alone whatever country you may inhabit right now. One of the favourite Jew tricks in trying to justify it’s unwarrantable ways is to first compare itself with religions that it has tainted, namely Christian Zionism and Wahabi Muslimism, both of them Jewish by way of the Jewish “Law” Halakah. Halakah states that everyone must follow Jews and do as they say as according to Judaism and it’s the Jews job to make sure this is done, for their own benefit, and for them to take over the world, or as they say it, inherit it from “G-d”.
This is a most dangerous scenario where one of the worlds most destructive and well equipped, militarily speaking, States, the Jewish Fanatic Fundamental Ultra-Orthodox Extremist Religious Death Cult State of Israel, which is without any Constitution and uses a Basic Law as a Constitution, but isn’t an actual Constitution, similar to the other money laundering off-shore bank account used by the Jews to siphon off the cream of the fruits of Chinese labour in Hong Kong, where off-shore banking is one of the menaces of that enclave. All this adds to pressure on the Jews to make more and more illusions of Fear, Terror and Deceit, which is Terrorism by Jewish Fanatic Fundamental Ultra-Orthodox Extremist Religious Death Cult and no mistaking it, and they have the finger on the trigger of a gun pointing at any head who may so dare within their system to attempt to go against Jews in the way that supports the Nations Laws, which acts as the host for the parasite to bleed from. This undermining begins at the Synagogue and the Rabbis are the conductors of the orchestration of defilement on whichever Nation is unlucky to have it clamp on to it.
The Jewish Fanatic Fundamental Ultra-Orthodox Extremist Religious Death Cult Template is actually a very simple one in order to open the gates for Jews to come in and monopolise the finances, the economy, the politics, the education system, the health system, the policing, the farming, anything and everything is on the list for Jewish Fanatic Fundamental Ultra-Orthodox Extremist Religious Death Cult reform once they have the foot in the door. The Jews use vanity as their preferred method of schmoozing their way up the Societal ladder and from there coil their way around the neck of the aristocrat or other such like Official until his only way of breathing, usually financially, though sex with animals or even snuff movies with children is also very much rumoured to be on the list of means for blackmailing such Officials, who will call in debts and favours from their “friends” in high places who will have often also succumbed to the offering of the Apple from the Forbidden Tree.
Indeed, as Jews do, let contrast this with other Churches, namely Islam and Christianity, if there was such happenings among these two what would the Jews do to act so holy. Lets look at the many woes of the world we are in, which appear to be increasing exponentially, am sure you can agree with every look on the computer now is filled with more and more Jewish Fanatic Fundamental Ultra-Orthodox Extremist Religious Death Cult defilement of Great Western Culture turning it into a perverse Circus Sideshow that has become what the norm is now measured by, and is the expectant of children as to the realms of their spiritual growth within modern society. How the children now must look at their parents and hear their consciences sayin We need more than this” and any threat to “Subversive Judaic Fanatic Fundamental Ultra-Orthodox Extremist Religious Death Cult” within the private family home is clamped down upon hard, because the parents don’t have the answers the children seek, and have complied fully, albeit unknowing of a better alternative, or alternatives, because they’re not allowed to be spoken of. Only in short glimpses will “Stars” allow how their lives are after selling out to the Jews who run the entertainment agencies, again through the “Synagogue Express” Rabbinical system.
When you’ve constantly been at the wrong end of the shitty stick, all of a sudden these glimpses of a life without a shitty sticky prodding you in the eye can light up the neurons with your brain and give you cause for concern to get in the action, get competitive and get on the TV to show off your well honed talents, where the predators will be lurking to drink your blood until you are left an empty shell killed by Halakah something completely alien to you and something thrust upon you at every turn on your road to “success”. The Jews have the whole thing measured out, indeed that’s what Halakah Law is, it’s the template of the Jewish Fanatic Fundamental Ultra-Orthodox Extremist Religious Death Cult Criminal Syndicate, who from the point of conception of the child, soon have the identification as an information, placed on the Birthing Certificate and thrown into the Treasuries as part of government collateral, that ultimately they claim to be the insurers of, and ergo by the Laws of Insurance subrogate all of the rights, titles and interest of the newly born away from the parents into the Jewish Fanatic Fundamental Ultra-Orthodox Extremist Religious Death Cult banking system ran through the Depository Trust Company in conjunction with Bank of New York Mellon Depositary.
One thing that is always there is the Record, whether it have the timeline in open view, or even just in short starts, the fact it’s there, your ID, your address, your vehicle registration, your tax code, let’s get one thing straight here, we’re much more than we have come to accept ourselves to be, because of the Jews and how they do their version of Commerce amongst themselves and debt laden to infinity, as they simply offset it to such time as is appropriate for the coming of their “Messiah” which is probably 2033, by my estimations.
The TV is such a vital weapon to them in the home, it has replaced the fire as the central hub within the living room, where the fire place was always where the water was boiled, even food cooked, it warms the blood, it is very pretty and is out natural expression when living say outside, we’ll congregate around a camp fire and sing songs. Now the family is in a box, songs are written and performed by well trained Jews and their minions, comperes lavish the family with super, super smiley smiles that would dazzle even Broadway in a blackout. What the TV is perfect for is to change the nature of how we perceive time. So in the early morn where we would have fot up to tend to the fires, let out the animals, or water and feed, even milk as appropriate, now we have the artificial construct Jewish Fanatic Fundamental Ultra-Orthodox Extremist Religious Death Cult teaching us that at such and such a time we can watch this, or such and such a time we can watch that, etc, so our days are scripted in advance. In the school and workplace it is the same or similar script, everything is ultimately under insurances, insurances that are held as stocks on the stocks market for trading and selling to investors, which is why such targets for students and workers must be met.
This isn’t about making a life for ourselves as a collective, it can’t be simply because one section of all of us maintains it’s exclusivity and sits as the hawk watches the mouse, but no more shall such Jewish Fanatic Fundamental Ultra-Orthodox Extremist Religious Death Cult remain unseen for the mouse has acquired binoculars, and the means to share what it sees almost instantly and there’s nothing the hawk can do, for it is only hungry at such a time when it’s nature dictates, for when it eats too much, as is the same with all birds of prey, it will be too heavy to sustain its own weight in flight, fall to the ground and be itself highly vulnerable to prey and with not much in defence other than a mouthful of feathers, which any cat will soon do away with, as will any dogs who decide to take it for its dinner.
Much of the problem with Jews now around the world can be somewhat traced back to as early as 1066, though it is very definitely a world problem before then, as Egypt proves. During the reign of King Harold, who never wanted the job, and was given it as the last wish of the former King who lay on his deathbed, and had it promised to William the Conqueror, according to legend. There was a specific tax due to the Danes of that time called the Danegeld, which is what half of Great Britain was called around that time. It’s virtually impossible to get to the origins of it, which straight away throws up the red flags in my estimation.
So, the facts of the matter are that England pre-1066 was a Common Law country operated through a Feudal system where no one man owned any actual property but were serfs to the “Land-owners” who in turn had their Barons to answer to, and ultimately the King was the Head of the whole Nation as a structured body of people organised to self-sustain through time, and the system, as with any system is perfect on paper, and certainly seen doable in the past and present. The only flaw was the mechanism to stop any infighting for power, which is where the Jew thrives on the vanity of others by promising this and that, which the Jews will be working on all sides to get the, largely family relations up in arms at each other, which is a trick used by lawyers even today, and were called privateers in the past.
The parasitical mechanism of the Jew is almost undetectable and unstoppable in a world where the armed are the first born of the families who are paying with their eldest boy to become a soldier within the ranks where he cannot think. In order to have the protection of the military trained, and well connected Overlord, where when Noble, honest Forthright and blessed with Integrity can manage his fiefdom without problem. It’s the same template we see today, and the only one we need to be stopping for the Jew Fanatic Fundamental Ultra-Orthodox Extremist Religious Death Cult to become neutered and rendering it helpless as a criminal organisation within a foreign body.
With the passing of knowledge moving faster than their Rabbi’d foresawby the Goy, they now have a serious, serious problem breathing down their neck, and breathing ever closer to the point where their collars are going to be felt, very, very soon, for the Jewish Fanatic Fundamental Ultra-Orthodox Extremist Religious Death Cult is cannibalistic in nature and will eat its own, so get out of it’s way and let it do its thing by spreading the news on what it’s flaws are, and how to ambush it stopping it causing any further harm to people who are being born on this planet here into a Kosher Death Cult that feeds, feeds, feeds incessantly on the weakened and thrives on that ego trip.


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