Women, Marxist Indoctrination and the role of the University


Tony Blair useful idiot of the Jews.
Tony Blair useful idiot of the Jews.


As Universities plough ahead with the Education, Education, Education mantra, as proposed by Jewish Religious Extremist and Cultist Tony Blair, through the corridors of Industry’s work pools. That mantra has now been firmly established in the parents heads of young vulnerable women. Parents who have been dragged through the hedges of Jewish Bolshevism which had in fact declared itself the winner of World War 2 ahead of the British and the Americans. British and American ranks had been largely infiltrated after the Jew realised it’s caper was upended in Germany at the rapid decline of the Weimar Republic in the wake of World War 1. Link.

These young ladies being promised the life of the perfect uncontrollable rebel with a cause to party, drink, take drugs and lead a promiscuous lifestyle, and as the case is becoming more to fruition. To become openly lesbian and forward the Cultural Marxist LBGT agenda, be a prostitute, stripper or escort, and race mix for the Jewish Kalergi Plan were the inducements for non European men are given to them fro societal credit. If they breed with their own kind, then how far will they get, if they breed with not of their kind, then success awaits in the Stalinist-Lenninist Histroical and Dialectical Materialist narrative construct of semantical industries of non producing. Where women are taught to be men, and men are  taught to be women, and everything in between is a non descript, and ultimately where the agenda is heading for. Thanks Jews! So that there are no longer natural beings to make up families and what’s left are carbon blobs who have nothing to cling to by way of roots, but mind control indoctrination methods as proven with the illegal CIA/Mossad operation MK Ultra. Link. MK Ultra, Tavistock and Stanford Institutues, remains an ongoing subversive psychological war machine pummelling the fresh young minds who step out of the fake schooling systems into a void that was the thriving jobs market killed by the Jewish droids who have marched their way into British Politics more and more since Benjamin Disraeli, Lionel De Rothschild and the Israeli Terrorist attack on the British Government in Tel Aviv in 1946. Link.

Parents of course want the best for their children, and that is always compromised to things that appear outside of the reaches of the economics, or the balance in the long run of the finances. That, in itself can point exactly where the conveyor belt of University factories knowledge reaches, and that is, very much to the other class of the two tier class system, the privileged class and everybody else. These lie beneath the veil of illusion of there being a five tier class system, Upper Class, Upper-Middle, Middle, Lower Middle and Working Class. It’s all really privileged and everybody else, Jew v Gentile, and that’s a bloodline warring on everybody else.  Those that are attached to the bloodline who act as carriers of the will of the privileged and are cast short glimpses of the lifestyle that the perverted and horrid bottom feeders keep secret to the everybody else class. Who are rendered largely helpless due to the secrecy in the moving of finances between the privileged to keep their vampirical enterprise afloat. Link.

The esteemed Universities of Old of course were brilliant institutions in serving societies needs, so well that many a historical monument still remains as statement to the truth that resources are very definitely other than scarce. Certainly land is one thing that is ballooned up in value out of all proportion via the UN Agenda 21 program, now agenda 2030, which seeks to bring about the forming of deserts across all Nations. While those that carry the privileged gene can squander as much as they like paid for by the blood and toil of everyone else. Link.

What Marx set out to do for his Jewish people, even though born in what is now Germany his allegiances are foremost with Jews and Judaism. That’s in every country where the Jews are taught the mantra Jewry First because that is the ticket for the release of the kosher funding. To further promote Jewry as an artificial construct designed to rope people in so they are being taught to follow the Noahide Laws via Halakah, because that is the means used to keep the Jews separate from everybody else. And to get a job in the university one must meet the criteria of the Leftist Marxist Cultural Marxism born of Jews.

How that works is that the student now signed up for whatever subject is now to be taught functions in the mechanisms of this artificial Jewish construct of  the  Cultural Marxist society. Thus promoting the agenda as a self-generating insurance policy, for Jews, where the slaves, who do not know they are slaves thus make the best slaves, argue tooth and nail for the right to have a bright future in industry. The industry is Internationalist Marxism(Zio-Marxism), for that is what Marx dictated, for the collective to be utilised as a successful machine then it needs to be guided by it’s Jewish Halakah Law. Link.

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