The Truth about North Korea

The Marshall of North Korea, Kim Jong Un being honoured by his Compatriots who willingly sacrifice everything for Korea.
The Marshall of North Korea, Kim Jong Un being honoured by his Compatriots who willingly sacrifice everything for Korea.

Being Racially Korean means a lot to the North Koreans, as they have a lot to deal with being sandwiched between such populous Nations as China, Russia and Japan, who with a combined population amount to approximately 1.57 billion, and there are just 22 million Koreans in North Korea, only half the size of the population of the South (ROK).

Many people are under the impression that the North is Communist, when in fact that continued propaganda serves only as proof of the Jewish media resources worldwide in a concerted effort to smear North Korea as an archaic style country, when in fact nothing could be further from the truth

North Korea has had it’s own ideology that has suited them since Kim Il Song drafted the Juche based on the principles of Racial Socialism and Racial Nationalism for the protection of Koreans as a Race.

All along North Korea is implementing an economic political framework that has had to be laid in the background while the Songun policy took precedent, this is all due to traitorous belligerent  UN interference by causing illegal blockades and illegal sanctions against North Korea and freezing accounts to the tune of $60+ billion which were held off-shore in Macao and then using that as propaganda against the protectionist North Koreans as a fake double edged sword. This is the real reason why the struggling North Korea has had to cope with, within their own Territory.

In comparison to the one nuclear facility that North Korea is reported to have, South Korea pays hundreds of billions of US dollars for the privilege of the ‘protection’ of the US government, one that the benefit is that they get to have 23 nuclear facilities, whether they wish it or not, it is the will of US, and also over 40 US barracks, who have a special type of immunity for any potential crimes on the Korean People within South Korean borders.

Within South Korea US and very much unknowingly Israeli influence is very harsh on the political outlook afforded the South Koreans, they can have democracy at the price of staring Communist China, their neighbours across the sea, or lose their ally from times when President Kennedy was there dealing with the current Presidents father, who, like Kennedy was eventually assassinated

The parallels between the two countries were supposed to serve Koreans in Korea for the better interests of such, so basically while the Communists and Capitalists both sit at the wings of the Marxist Socialist bird, the hawk in between them has it’s eye firmly on the flesh and blood of the People as it’s meat. Fortunately right now the North Koreans have seen through the charade, and there are signs that people in the South are looking to the North in awe, as they see nothing but more debt on the horizon for the future of their youth, for generations to come, and the Israeli dominated US is very good at distributing debt onto unsuspecting Nations for AIPAC it’s ultimate Masters behind the Iron Curtain.

Currently as of March 10, 2017, the South Korean President, President Park, has been Constitutionally stripped permanently of any Presidential power. This is hugely significant in the mess that is South Korea as South Koreans now look at the progress the North is continuing to make while the South plummets further and further into Jewish backed US government debt. Link. Even the Dresnok boys get misinterpreted on the Jewish ran media outlet of CNN, which is basically gone and is dead in the water as they have zero credibility in how they report. Here’s the lads want to offer the hand of peace to the world by pledging their allegiance to their now Mother country as their Father land stands being controlled and basically is at an incremental war with them to try to eradicate a whole race of people. It’s disgusting what the Jewish Central Bank backed countries do, especially considering Jews are not of the Nations they pretend to be. Link.

kim il sung based



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