Raising Our Consciousness to Nationalism.

When we are born, as a baby, we inherit a body that is responsible for the carriage of Our Holy Souls through life, it being a natural process, an organic process, one that can find itself in all manner of ways to be pleasing, among other many various things. As we’re growing, finding Our way, we may not know one moment from the next and one day from the next the many beautiful things that Our minds can be registering as we’re growing Older and Wiser every day.
Nationalism itself is not a thing that exists in form, but exists in substance within us, as it is with all things, each separate thing is defined by its edges and weight, breadth height and so have you, so the thing called Nationalism has its borders, edges, qualities and things making it differing from other matter. Christine Lagarde who in the linked video states “Nationalism is the mortal enemy of Internationalism” and this is where she lies, what she means is Nationalism is the mortal enemy of Judaism, in that because Jews put Jewry first then any National agenda before Jewry is that mortal enemy, and as Henry Ford explains in his book “The International Jew“. In contrast the much villified Late Leader of North Korea Kim Jong-Il expressed in his speech “For a free and peaceful new world” we are all in fact Internationalists, which is very true, unlike what Lagrde is peddling for her Jewry murderous mob.
What makes Nationalism so functional is the caring it has for those who need the support of it and can act as an insurance policy of those who do not need it, though it can be there for those times as and when required. It can be a beautiful thing, as opposed to the Pseudo-Leadership that pretends to protect the interests of the Nation, as Jews who are raging in governments all over the world are doing right now, together with their many, many sabotaging agents, fueling the fires for Jewish Internationalism.
The Asiatic Jews, who pledge no allegiances to any other before Jewry, use Nationalism as something they take into administration to strangle the economic life out of it, by disguising what they do under rhetoric, wordplay, corruption, bribery and all manner of methods feeding the ego of the vulnerable to their cause. The simple answer for people to run their own economies, is to be aware out the functionality of the Jews in government, look at the positions held, and the history of those holding those positions, and contrast what is done by those holding Office, to that which could be done, and how much money is being squandered deliberately wasting all resources for Industrial, Agricultural and Commercial endeavours that wholly serve the working populous of the Nation, and not siphoning off a disproportionately large amount into ever widening black-holes that show no return on investment.
The Jew targets many Public Offices, and has surely come to the fore for example in Britain, US and France among many other broken European countries, and what the Jew does is targets these Offices to bring about Jewry into the fray, so that all are now becoming Jews, whether they like it or not, here’s how it’s done. In Education, a priority target for Jews, they set-about homogenising the teaching, so that no matter what level the student, everyone must be equal to the slowest in the class so that the talents of all the other children now are stifled, and stifled further by the lack of real education that would allow their characters, in essence, to flourish and grow.

Crazy Jews, always pushing the Jewish agenda...pushy little Asians
Crazy Jews, always pushing the Jewish agenda…pushy little Asians

Jews of course dislike very much any competition in the market place so they find the need to monopolise every avenue where natural growth can occur outside of their societal construct that is forced on people using politics as their vehicle to rubber stamp their agenda, and thereby threaten their economic stranglehold over society at large. We see this in their positioning of themselves as the Directors at the Bank of England, where now with the deconstructing of the FSA Bank of England is now in charge of its own affairs, even though it is touted as being attached to HM Treasury, it has become the structural template for all the Central Banks in operation via the Central Banking system. Link to Bank of England payment system going down at £277 billions cleared per day.
The size of the monetary system has now been uncapped and Jews now govern wealth using electronic currency as the means to dictate to those who may talk about Jews in any deemed “Anti-Semitic” way, which is Foreign Policy of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
With such bodies as the Board of Deputies, AIPAC, JEU and Jewish Leadership Council, among others being the lobbyists for governmental operations, everything must be Kosher to the nth degree, or it’s no go and anyone questioning it asked to apologise, removed, suicide or other means of control by the subversive powers who have feathered themselves in so well into the political make-up of the society.
With the finger firmly on the button as to who is allowed credit and who isn’t, now the people who reach the higher echelons of any governmental department have to bow down to Jewish thought, simply because the alternative can be seen by those trapped in the materialistic construct as alien and outcast, or outlawed, and all of their Jewish privileges ended by way of the High Street bank account.

Speak about Jews, bye, bye bank account
Speak about Jews, bye, bye bank account

The medical system is also used to further Jewish agenda by way of abortions, contraception, private medical care, such as in dentistry, where people who have paid into a system for National Insurance are now being charged again, with fake money, to have work done which is already paid for from Treasuries that are peddled on markets that the average man on the street has no idea of, and with the nature of the derivative markets being allowed to peddle toxic assets without recourse, the whole beautiful lawful system designed to protect individuals from such predatory people as the Jews, then the whole Judicial Branch of government is laid abandoned due to complexity, confusion and other ways to keep the citizens away from rightful remedy, as the unelected judges and court officials wager in bets that already won, because the money touted in the court system is again subject to pooling and selling as fully executed contracts that stand as securities by way of acceptances.
In summary the Jews have managed to advance their Jewish agenda in a Christian country in such important fields as military, policing, judiciary, parliament, medical, education, banking, industry, agriculture, cultural affairs, accountancy, law, media, advertising, religion, commerce, local government and charities, not limited to those few things as you can be sure there are Jews waiting in the wings to fill other posts of National importance in order to overlord the whole establishment of all countries who allow them such positions.
This would be a grand scenario when the Jews are not such conniving and devious creatures that wish to collect for Jewry as insurmountable wealth as is possible using methods like off-shore banking, refusal of freedom of rights to contract, free market practice and the like, the scenario of Nationalism would create choices for the average man on the street, such as investment by government into protecting the indigenous to a point where they are in a sustainable economy, and charitably give to countries who prefer to follow similar agenda, and create wealth by what they have available and not by ways of funding such things as EU, Communism, to the degree where the EU is now the dictator of monetary spending, and willy nilly thrashes money into the ground, knowing it has guarantees by faux governments who wish to extort the money from people, money is power, and leave them helpless, stripped of rights, stripped of assets, stripped of their very homes, thereby implementing the Jewish Shetar Law on the good people, via contracts they are “deemed” to be in, simply because the government has arranged it so, for further transfer of wealth.

Always playing the fool, the care free Jews
Always playing the fool, the care free Jews

The Jewish Shetar Law system is highly significant in that what it has done is to bring means to destroy peoples home and grant Jews alone a way to govern a highly sophisticated societal system that is reduced to base, where the Jew, as overlord of the establishment, grants Jews the rights to set employment contracts, as a vehicle of economic blackmail, where prospective employees balance the predicaments they find themselves in, ie, in need of paid work, and have to fall in line with policy of Jewry to bring what little crumbs of life are afford to the employees in a workplace being fleeced of money on a daily basis.

Hoarding all the loot, the Jew pushes the Jewish agenda at every turn...
Hoarding all the loot, the Jew pushes the Jewish agenda at every turn…

The ethos of saving was originally the idea that there is so much abundance of goods, wealth, foods that it was a necessary to save the important things in ways that can sustain life, as an insurance should times dictate the need to reach into the reserves, as time has gone on and the Jews saw war as a perfect way to deplete countries of their wealth, then war became the preferred method for at least the last one thousand years here in Europe, America and other places where, largely, the British Empire was given the task to control developing countries of their day, all unbeknownst to the British people, the hosting countries under the Empire, that in fact the Jews, since at least 1066, have waylaid every King that has been in power, with the exception of Edward the First who exiled them for their religious practice of blood letting, a practice which is used to “set-off” debt to their G-d, as they call it, infinitely into the future, thereby granting them such favourable position as banker without limits.

The sneaky and devious Jew, always discontent with his lot, Jews need to destroy hosts as they produce nothing.
The sneaky and devious Jew, always discontent with his lot, Jews need to destroy hosts as they produce nothing.

The Empire was set the task of promoting the Christian Order around the world, as England had proclaimed itself as the Head of the Church when King Henry the Eighth divorced his wife against the blessing of the Pope on Rome, who he had been bound by, Henry’s father had killed Henrys uncle in a coup, otherwise Henry would never have been king, and indeed ought not to have been. Henry soon spent all the money in the coffers of the Treasury, and needed to marry many times to fund his exuberant lifestyle of a playboy of the period, he did this mercilessly and killed many, many English people who revolted against his tyrannical ways, including his own mentor, teacher and one time Chancellor Thomas Moore, an act he later regretted, and leaving England destitute with the rise of France as the prominent country, he sought to make an allegiance with Spain, which happened, until Queen Elizabeth ordered war on Spain, a subversive war, granted by the letters of marque, which hold true today, and ones which the modern day privateers, the lawyers use to plunder the citizens backed up by the Jewish Shetar Law.
When Marys sister was in power, prior to Elizabeth, she also killed many, many English, so it is something that all must consider when blaming England, that the Crown had, and continues to operate, in war dealt many fatal blows to the God fearing people of the land, who under the Feudal system were serfs to the Barons who had been in control of the country after William of Normandy had defeated King Harold at Hastings in 1066. Where the Domesday Book accounted for the wealth of the Nation of England, and thereupon taxes ensued, civil law entered into the jurisdiction of England, the Jews also entered with his blessing, and in lieu of actual payment, William granted his allies lands to be held in trust, more than 50% of the country was privately held now by French-Normans and of that amount only 11% of it has fell out of the family lineage, the landed gentry, back into ownership of the Crown, or at least in right of the Crown.
The Constitutional Monarchy touted today as being that which is the nature of the English system, is in fact nothing more than a big Jewish pirate ship which has gone around the world raping, pillaging and deceiving the whole world into something which the people of England had no intention of being a part of, and only that which was allowed by the Faux King, and his unrightful heirs to the throne, which was murdered for time and time again, and has become a throne of Calvinism.

The Jew in a box, desperately assassinating the family unit.
The Jew in a box, desperately assassinating the family unit.

Freemasonry was designed to be a mechanism that would protect the Guilds of the Nation of England, with its emphasis on secrecy and death being the ultimate repayment for breaking the secrecy, the Jews soon put pay to that endeavour to keep them out of the business of England affairs, and the whole thread of cloak and dagger politics has been used by the Jews from their hijacked base of the City of London, with it’s Sui-Juris jurisdiction, the money comes ploughing in at incredible rates, far more than is actually achievable in real value of weights and measures, and governed by the artificial construct of “Monetary Policy” from the Jewish “Bank of England”.
What is happening now in Palastine – Palace-Stein, is a free for all of Jewish Shetar Law, whereby the agreements were made, and now the people who cannot pay, and are not being allowed a means to pay, pay a debt they are completely unaware of, other than “six million” Jews are claimed, by the Jews, to have died in circumstances that certainly favour their agenda, in so much that it is a bottomless cash cow that they can use to further and further fund their care-free lifestyle and maintain disorder within Nationalism and the Nations which would otherwise promote it naturally as a self-posterity measure of good and common sense politics.
It’s also interesting, as a side note, that many Jews gravitate to being hypnotists, as by their own admission “word is G-d” they use words as shields to manoeuvre themselves through time, where they can cajole, obfuscate and redefine languages which are foreign to them, and now with the vehicle of mass media they can create nifty tag lines that support points which while needing clear direction, they simply bow out with a quip or catchphrase to justify their satanic spirit.

What the Jews have made sure happened is the current genociding of Europeans by way of their G-d War, with compatriots such as those who died during St. Valery, King David Hotel Bombing, Charge of the Light Brigade, The Siege of Drogheda and the insidious lot have practically declared war on the children of UK.

Child Sex Abuse Inquiry Debate aired live.
Child Sex Abuse Inquiry Debate aired live.

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