The Jewish Vacuum – Zionism.


The sensitivity of the infrastructure of Society right now is by nature actively forcing challenge, rebellion and claims against it, that it may raise those heads above the parapet who do not simply lay down and die, in order it is given the opportunity to chop the heads raised by means of excessive policing by force or the second arm of the beast by abuse of court process or the threat of it. Let’s look at the Jewish Zionists Golden Calf, the shops, all married into the electronic payment system where negotiability is no longer the norm in the market place, the security guard protection racket creating an illusion that the goods on the shelves are someone elses other than the people who own this glorious and wonderful Nation of Ours, that is being swindled left right and centre by manipulators who have ridden the crest of a wave of warfare that has ravaged these shores for more than a thousand years continuously. jewradar

Using whatever slight differences it can to blow things up out of all reasonable proportion, Jewish Zionism, has become the mechanism to aggravate this peace loving Nation that has prided itself on commonly shared Christian virtues that have gone to make this Nation more than any other Nation ever before it, the most influential because it has had the golden way for others to follow with trust that it truly is the most beneficial system for all.


Turning man against boy, husband against wife and child against society, Jewish Zionism fans the Hellish flames of hate wherever it can to absorb more and more the joy from its callous deliberative deconstructing of a foreign unsuspecting and altogether unknowing processed foe that it has set upon it as would a cuckoo chick be placed in another species of birds nest, that the cuckoo chick may outgrow the hosts offspring until they are dead, thus attempting to elongate the passage of time that the cuckoo can breed from, with as little effort to itself, and maximum effort to the mother which generously works frantically to keep feeding this freakish chick that has subversively found its way into the nest of the harmonious family that the host birds lineage tries to persist and flourish against the odds of the camouflaged saboteur. jew mask

Jewish Zionism is the topsy-turvy world where working shall gain nought of the equity that labour should, and can, rightly bring in a well-managed country, but serves to conjure up tokens of nourishing goodness by closing down the options of choice and allowing the choices to be Jewish Zionism or Jewish Zionism, there lay your freedoms, take it or leave it, that’s all you get, or go make your own, because the Jewish Zionist captured State cannot afford people to be coming with claims of truth against it, so they are ousted for convenience while the machine breathes once more back to life and continues on its churning up of the very wholesome fabric of Our Society that has endeavoured an organic way for since the beginning of time.

Pumping ever more information through the communication channels of mass media, radio, television, internet and newspapers/magazines, the propaganda shows off its successes as the aims to go for, knowing that the barbed wire laden way there is also set with booby traps to make the game ever so much more playful, due to the stakes that the chancers chance. The Jewish Zionist child abusers who rule by use of International means, have chaperoned each and every nation, for the most part, into illusions of treaty agreements that it knows control the money flows to the rich and famous by way of the International Banking infrastructure, so you better do as your told or the supply is stopped, as Queen Isabella of Spain found out, Jewish Zionists of her time were constantly poisoning the water wells where people would draw by bucket from natural springs, good nutrient filled mineral water, so much so she kicked them out, and they went to Turkey, only just this year are they officially allowed back, ironically that the old King and the New one are both Jewish Zionists as are many puppet monarchies of the modern era.

The extent of Jewish Zionism can be easily measured by looking in your wallet or purse and comparing what you don’t have against that which is flaunted by the press and Hollywood as being the norm for those in the spotlight, and that dangling carrot is there for all to chase, but a few different types of drugs may help along the way for a good tonic, because it will get scrappy in the feeding frenzy of such competitive industries that are simply the franchise of Jewish Zionism in that they function with the hammer and sickle floating over them, and any takers will end up in the blood red sea that adorns the, openly Communist, flags. Trotskyism is Marxism and Trotskyites are Marxists.

The templates are easy to spot, for the carry consistent patterning, such as in politics, only few things can be addressed, everything else, including promoting and celebrating the indigenous populous outside of Jewish Zionism, can never be mentioned, because that is not Jewish Zionism, nor does it follow the agenda. Further into the entertainment industry, only the chosen may be part of the machine, and so many of them die so young, or end up in such demonic states that their examples reverberate through Society, of course pushed on by the ever goading press that functions for that very purpose and we end up with a ‘chicken with no head’ scenario as people rush along without thinking of consequences into holes that they are being led into for the purpose of removing them from the equation of being in the competition, as those boxes are already ticked, and those that are talented enough better tow the line or they’ll be out.

In International industry we see the “Big-Wigs” flashing their $’s with beaming smiles and homely images that defy the true story, Sir Bob as the father figure leading the crusade to save Africa, God help Africa! Warren Buffett ultra-Zionist shaping himself as the good honest corn-fed Mid-Western American that he very much isn’t, there’s not an honest bone in his body, because if there was George Soros would remove him from the game. The game of chase the money, because the money needs to be kept moving at all times, because it’s not money, and if it’s still for longer than a second, there maybe an enquiry into the nature of it, and that very definitely does not serve the purpose of Jewish Zionsim.

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