Parliamentary Alcoholics Anonymous – or ‘Dicks in Office’

Three parties representing one Marxist agenda.
Three parties representing one Marxist agenda.

Do you know where your Government is tonight? Do you know where they are? What they are doing? Who are they doing it with? In the scenario your Government is meeting with people who best serve your and the country’s interests, then where are all the fruits of the labours that they have been paid for in this moment?


According to the UK Government website UK Government has 224 separate policies that are being carried out under the Tories right now, how many of those policies do you know? Who pays for the benefit of them? How does the payment get made for the benefit of them? Or, are they given as free lunches to the People of UK?


Don’t we all don’t know, we can’t all don’t do not nothing?


What if you had an alcoholic working with you night and day? They demand their drink first every moment, wouldn’t you not consider the drink problem a liability on their ability to work to their full capacity in your employ?


Is politics rocket science or simple in its essence and being convoluted to such a technical degree that even the worlds best mathematicians and nuclear scientists cannot make sense of it, as happened with the RBS fiasco that cost the UK taxpayer £50 billions into the Government administrated blackhole that is set up to filter all of the worth and value of the finances and eco-no-money to off-shore banks in the Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands, Hong Kong, Jersey and Guernsey, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg and Switzerland to name but a few of the many, many off-shore banks in use by the UK and other Governments involved in the racketeering of the Nations. How long is it sustainable for UK, with an ageing population, together with it’s closet friends and allies on the Continent, who also in the aging bracket, while China, India and South America increase their populations to a combined amount of over 3 billion, with UK standing at about 60 million.

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