Jewish Funeral of Western Industry

zion us

As the Jews march ever on protected and defended by those in Our Public Offices, people look at each other in shock, horror and disbelief, even though it’s the same equation day in, day out, and that equation is the Old Testament in play. Christianity is New Testament, that of giving, sharing and forgiveness, unlike the Old Testament of Hate, Crime, Murder and Deceit.


As Cultural Marxism takes a further grip through Political Correctness of what can and can’t be said, the Jews use the guilt on the ever unsuspecting Public to squeeze out of them every non-penny, as pennies have lost all of their value, as has all money, and people are being strung along by a thread the have tied to their own noses to follow, because they fear to admit their own shortcomings.


The Jew is ruthless in it’s march toward ultimate supremacy, and must do it in the darkened shadows, by way of it’s minnions who can show their faces in Public. Even the Jew is beginning to assert it’s presence on the Public with all its rants and raves since the World War 2 at 70 years on, squeezing the guilt and shame on events that no-one in the present day has actually witnessed, nor sees independent witness’s speaking of. Only All-Lies are allowed to voice an opinion, therefore, the War is really still here, for if it is not, then why the need for secrecy?

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