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Cover-up Cameron!



Collecting unwarranted tax for Israel

 The Implicated – By now the message is clear that pedophilic corrupting of UK     politics is firmly at the doors of those who are trying to hide the cover up, such as  David Cameron by his recent statement link that he is of the mind that the child abusing case is now a “conspiracy theory”, well, what does he know about it?
A Prime Minister who is actively seeking to hide such a cover up, when all the indicators of guilt of his clique lay bare, and as he is well knowing, the Nation is seeing it, and he is digging himself into a deepening hole that is actively burying the insidious cabal there in Parliament, as watched over by Whitehall, by its own poisonous treachery.


Yea, the Nation is waking very much to the extent of the collateral damage that the minions who coral themselves

May I shake your dick?

May I shake your dick?

into Parliamentary and other esteemed Public Offices deceiving the unsuspecting Public and incrementally feeding the mass media machine to trying to accept the rhetoric of debauchery, degeneracy and murderous mutilating as something that is normal in Our wonderfully constructed Society, Our inheritance.
For these wannabees coming in and laying down what they consider to be the law that the Public are following without redress highlights the very lack of vision that those morons in Cabinet and Shadow Cabinet right now have, expressing a disdain of immeasurable quantity towards the Nation of Britain as a whole, both it’s warm, generous and caring People and the many goods that it is being robbed of in the asset stripping of the Nation that Cameron is currently leading, children and all.

Jewish Leon Brittan suspected of covering up pedophilia dossiers deliberately.

Jewish Leon Brittan suspected of covering up pedophilia dossiers deliberately. (Click for video)

With even just a modicum of research now the seams are coming apart massively for the Board of Deputies who are ever grasping and clasping at straws to cover tracking marks left blatantly all around, due to the complacency that was also their undoing in the Fall of the Roman Empire, one which the same accountants destroyed all the goodness out of through deceit, subversion and corrupting practices that are the same templates in use today by the heirs of such incestuous lineage.
As Ed Miliband further restructuring his strong points to assemble an image of sheer buffoonery his handlers looking on with scripting being manufactured for the parachuting in of the faux knight in his brother David Miliband for functional purposing of making the theatre appear busying, when all along the ticket holders have merely been tickets and told they are customers, yet, the show is not over, and the cabbages, rotten eggs and tomatoes are to everybody’s hands to adjudge the performance of the actors on the grand stage.


Hanging out down at the Knesset

Hanging out down at the Knesset. (Click for video)

To unifying of the electorate is now beginning and placing itself in the hearts, minds and souls of the true rulers of these lands here, the Public at large, the voting bloc, the electing body of this Constitutional Monarchy that has become a Representational Democracy under the guidance of those who separating themselves from the general public hole themselves up in their little bubble world of opium trading, arms dealing, child trafficking, corrupting courts, policing, tax-dodging, airy-fairying and pedophilying.
Their stall is well and truly set out now, the wares are here for choosing and rejecting, what is missing is the cohesing between the electorate, such as the Monarch was doing in better days gone by, when the Monarch is standing for Righteousness, Justice, Honesty, Honour and the virtuing of such natures as are organic to us who have inhabited these lands for millennia and more.

Cover-up Cameron with the Israeli Ambassador to UK. (Click for video)

Cover-up Cameron with the Israeli Ambassador to UK. (Click for video)

So exactly what is going on in China as of 08 – 2017



Koreans celebrate Liberation Day with National Culture under the new leadership of President Moon.


As for me I keep my eye on the China African relations, and here’s a taste of why:

China-African relations refer to the historical, political, economic, military, social and cultural connections between China and the African continent.

Modern political and economic relations commenced in the Mao era. Starting the beginning of the 21st century, the People’s Republic of China has built increasingly stronger economic ties with African nations.

As of Januanry 2012, there are about one million Chinese nationals working in different African countries. Trade between China and Africa has surged to more than $160 billion in 2011 from $10 billion. China is currently Africa’s largest trading partner.

Africa is also China’s second largest market for project and labor contracts, and the fourth largest destination for overseas investment.

The Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) was established in October 2000 as an official forum to strengthen the relationship.

The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs emphasises China’s development aid to Africa, while also stating that China and Africa are making “joint efforts to maintain the lawful rights of developing countries and push forward the creation of a new, fair and just political and economic order in the world”.”  Read more: Link.

If you enjoyed those Tibet demonstrations before, then you may well be in for the ride of your life until at least 2020, or not!

The State Council approved the overall urban planning (2009-2020) of the city plan for Lhasa in Southwest China’s Tibet autonomous region.

Lhasa, the capital city of Tibet, is a historical and international tourism city with snow plateaus and characteristics of the Tibetan ethnic group.

According to the plan, an area of 4,326 square kilometers was designated for unified rural and urban development. It urged expanding public facilities to serve neighboring villages, developing counties and key villages with potential, and optimizing the overall layout of villages and towns.

More efforts will be concentrated on counties and central towns with good basic conditions to promote the modernization of rural areas.

By 2020, the goal is to cap the downtown population at 500,000, and urban construction land should be limited to 77.88 square kilometers.

No new development zone or city district should be set up beyond the approved area. Increase in construction land will be controlled, and protection of arable land will be strengthened.

The circular stressed green development for urban infrastructure facilities, including transportation systems, parking lots, underground tunnels and disaster prevention systems.” Read more here: Link.

With all the talk of Trump now baking away from upsetting the mighty neighbours of the Democratic Peope’sRepublic of Korea, then we can turn all our focus and attentions on the Netenyahu led Kehilla tribal shananigans. The nuclear question has been a fly in the ointment since Oppenheimer declared Jews as the destroyer of worlds. He and Einstein being put in the forefront of the research by (((genius))) Norbert Weiner, a muh holohoax survivor, obviously. They all set about Jew Roosevelt to get all the lovely lolly from the American people by hook or by crook. And, of course all of this research was funding communism the world over. Link.  Now back to Korea and President Moon is stepping Korea out of the nuclear race, and coal, and is working with less dangerous energy supplies. Link, link, link. Hooray for a unification of Korea!!!

Some interesting links on modern Communist China. Link. Link. Link. Link.


Jews and their useful idiots

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If you don’t know what a useful idiot is by now, then you probably are one. With Jews basically shitting all over the planet on anything and everything they want to, with impunity. Then someone has to carry the torchlight in the shitty darkness and set the methane gas alight to burn the Jews asses. Plying the useful idiots with shiny trinkets has worn off as many as it probably will by now, and the rest is up to us. I’m sure there are plenty waiting in the wings, on both sides, and I damn well know it’s far easier to sabotage things, than it is to build things up. So, why would Jews help anyone without them benefitting?

If any of either side get out alive of all this mess that Israel is creating, because the Netenyahu’s are for the high jump, then wonders will never cease. They are a stone cold tribe over there in Israel pulling strings by the Friends of Israel groups, that have the finger on the crediit buttons down at the banking house. You fall in line, you get paid. You don’t fall in line, you don’t get paid. Simples! Therefore, what better luxury than to control the money supply of all the Nations, and you simply exist as a minority group within the host countries for your benefit, and anyone moves and they die.

Every person now, in every way, has been somehow sorted into certain categories that have been manufactured in this very new and modern society. Gone are the magnificent cractwork ideas for industry, in stone, wood, water or glass, however. It is forbidden by decree of the Jew that they may have the free run of the market, internet and all.

I had set a forum up, my second over the years, then I got some internet snoop firm, Web Plus, part of Unysis, based in (((Amsterdam))) on my blog. Just in case you’re wondering of venturing to Amsterdam for some hanky panky, I hear ALL the prostitutes there are post=op transgender. So, you could well be sleeping with a Commander of Isis, Mossad, US Army, the mind boggles.


So, there is no law, there is no freedom of speech, there is only smash and grab politics as we’ve seen with Trump, Sara Netenyahu and Theresa May, who don’t give a flying f*ck, tbh.

Our European blooded countries have always placed lots of emphasis on high leverls of respect to our elders. We have worked to the highest levels of manufacturing. We have been small, but extremely wealth countries, in contrast to countries much bigger, China, who fell to the Jews after the opium wars, and everything else was simple. A mere administrative exercise for portioning up the spoils. All is actually not fair in love and war. Russia, with the fall of the Ottoman empire and the Jews flooded to Russia to destroy that country. The German holdings of Germany and German South West Africa falling also to the same Ottoman Jews, who have no doubt done the same number on them, after going there when being kicked out from Spain and Portugal. Link. Link. Link. Link.


German South West Africa, now called Namibia.


If we are all actors on the stage, as according to William Shakespeare, then you better damn well know from whose script your reading, and acting out their will. Link.


4th Wave Feminism – Judaism

4th feminism

Obviously the above picture has been doctored to take out the crudities of the (((Great Classic))). Would it come as any surprise that the son Peter Basch of the (((German-American))) family, who shot out of Germany as National Socialism became the governing party, was a Jew? Since being alerted by E Michael Jones of the contents of Wilhelm Reich’s Frankfurt School book “Mass Psychology of Fascism” and how the mind of the perverted Jew wants to bring in paedophilia, necrophilia and bestiality, and goodness only knows what else. Then I can only conclude that there is a now a new string of events being coordinated by the Tavistock Institute to try to cause yet greater divides still within our folk.

Not content with making every woman now a lesbian cocaine fuelled man hater, 3rd wave feminism, and bringing up boys to men in environments where the masculine nature of the boys is discounted in favour of being female. Link. This gross perversion of nature, which is largely chosen by followers on the (((Left-Wing))) of Judaic politics within our societies, or within the (((bum-boy))) Right-Wing of communism crowd of the English aristocracy. Where paedophilic homosexuality is part of the hierarchy, or at least we’re led to believe so by their antics. So, there is the tie between the extreme Left of Communism and the extreme Right of communism. Link.


There’s no difference, and the unsuspecting naive Left-Wingers whose libido’s match their ego’s are ever so willing for ZOGbuck’$$$ (Zio-Marxist Occupied Governments dollars, Fed notes, Debt notes) for funding their lifestyles in a “I’m alright Jack” aloof manner that they do. And, the landed gentry, who since the 1930’s in UK have been targets of the (((New Esthers))) of the Jews who were so haphazardly allowed to escape from Stalins (((Iron Fist))). Oops butterfingers! Link.

As such people as Taylor Swift, who is now suing someone, for $1, for “grabbing her butt”, $1? Oh, Taylor. Now the latest “male abuse victim” is the namesake of the scantily clad lady in the first photo above, Gina Martin, is “trying” to get someone held to task for taking a snap of her undercarriage, but can’t seem to get past stage one of the process, ie the Police. The story goes, she was at a festival and someone was laughing near her, the “blonde” haired boy was laughing at his booty. He’d pirated a copy of Gina’s undergarments, which apparently are covered but by a mere string. She had snatched the phone right from the boys hand and knew straight away it was a picture of her modesty. She immediately took it to the cops, but after the cop had inspected it and deleted it, he said there was nothing he could do, and closed the case. Link, linklink.


Straight away there’s a springing of suspicion in my mind as to the political motivations of the BBC being the ones who are flagging this story now. Now, poor Gina, who may or not be a party to the Tavistock Institute associated thinking techniques, is a victim of the oldest law of England, the law of trespass. Now, within 2 seconds of reading through the story about how she can’t find how it’s not illegal, I’d say I have found exactly the crimes it is under. Here they are. Trespass to the person, and I’m using Oxford’s own Oxbridge Notes site here, they are the sister site of Oxbridge Admissions, which is basically where you go if you’re a rich Asian or “Prince” of an African tribe, No Whites Allowed! Link.

beanie gigi.jpg

Now, she is a freelance writer, yet for some rather curious reason, the picture of the men who allegedly (((upskirted))) her has been blackened out to hide their faces. Is that not odd? Isn’t it the very point of this type of name and shame to actually put faces out there, so we’re not dealing with shadows? I thought it was, didn’t get the memo Gina obviously got. So from the BBC, link, we can dissect the Tavistock wording and how the finger is not so cleverly pointed at men, rather than at criminals or perverts, which is what the BBC is a hive of. (BBC quotes are in italics) “When a man took an upskirt photograph of Gina Martin at a music festival she went straight to the police. ” Let’s take a look at this sentence here.

When a man… not a pervert, or sexual deviant, or abuser, no derogatory word, except man, is used. Took an upskirt… As that’s obviously what men do isn’t it. Men, the same men who aren’t even being a lot more than upskirted by this new Jewish model army of “liberated, strong, independent “women””.

Let’s continue on, photograph of Gina Martin… google search a photograph of Gina Martin and the very first picture of this article is among the first few. Now, the photographer, is Jewish, he’s a “Holohoax” survivor, link. (Scroll down a ways for the description of the photographers disillusions). at a music festival… Young people and festivals these days are like rhubarb and custard. Originally festivals were where people gathered for enjoying entertainments of a folk variety. Nowadays it’s cheese pop, and even the leader of the paedophile worker’s party made an entrance. Link.


Rent a crowd

So Our folk are allowed now to enjoy an 80+ hour week to pay for the influx of criminals who come here, and all applauded by the “Festival going Youth”, who have lived without being surrounded by heavy and light industry that wasn’t of the Multi-National Corporation class. Our youth are being led down a pipe of academia, that is exactly that, academic. Whereas production value based jobs would be the mainstay, now it is loans for soul destroying university degrees that yield little to no actual job prospects.

Growing up with dreams of finding a true and loyal partner for life inside a family unit, has been replaced with cocaine fuelled nothingness. Don’t be fooled that cocaine does anyone any favours. It merely serves as the fast track ticket to poverty and the mental wards where the benevolent Jew will be waiting with minions all around to pamper your drug fuelled mental breakdowns. While the place is also full of “traumatised” (((refugees))) from foreign wars, ALL WARS ARE BANKERS WARS, then you get to form a pathway in your mind of how the scam actually works. Link. Link.

Now forgive me if I’m wrong here, but where was the signing of any truce or such like in this war declaration on Germany by Judea? I ask merely because that is a genuine headline about Judea declaring war on Germany. Link. Link. Another Tavistock Institute operation for influencing the group psyche of the public? Link. Also, bare in mind that Europeans carry the blood of Germans.



Back to the original (((BBC))) link about the girl who was “upskirted”, and the reason why I say it (((that))) is, because the paedophile promoting BBC is none other than the shadiest Jews that Jewdom has to offer. Link, link, link, linkshe went straight to the police… Of course she went straight to the police, wherelse would she go, it’s not like she’d have a group of male friends with her girl friends. Oh no, these evil men will take the photos of me undercarriage. So, in comes the establishment procuring that the police are now the prince charming on a white charger riding in to save the day. WRONG!!! As Israeli security firm, security being synonymous with the arms trade, and the securities market are after the contracts for a private police force. It’s why we see this whole string of competent incompetencies from our most trusted servants, it’s all by design from higher up. There’s nothing the rank and file can do, or are prepared to do, or they lose the means for paying of the second income. Link.


The story then pans out as any classic Laurel and Hardy movie might under such circumstances. Link. It’s a real cacophony of mishaps and letting offs. The poor girl is trying to move further with it, but obviously many a mickle makes a muckle, as me da would say. The whole article is just one big brainwashing event gone wrong. The Jews now are so desperate to promote any story, and without them being at all culpable, ie they could report real news so that we can actually get on with the job in hand of creating an actual future for Our country. Link, link.

I hope I’ve covered at least the tip of a very large iceberg when it comes to Jewish brainwashing tactics by virtue of the current mis-media, using Wilhelm Reich’s “Mass Psychology of Fascism” as the operator’s manual. Link, link, link.

T May.jpg


Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. ~ Sun Tsu Art of War.


tavistock 1

Credit Wars and Jewish (((Disinformation))) Merchants


The subversive tactics of covert war operations are the speciality of the Jew. From the longest history in time there are rumours of the devilish and evil antics all the way through. Obviously the most recent now is the ping pong politics of Trump, Putin, Xi and the tiny, tiny nation North Korea. Who is placed as the only remaining pawn, of Self-Autonomy, link, on the chess board, while the King, Bishop and Knight all vye to use the lunatic platform of nuclear threat. That North Korea, real name Democratic Republic of Korea, could out manoeuvre all comers in some mad invisible way only known to Koreans? Wait, what, how can America, Russia and China, all with the back-up of UK, France, Spain, Germany, Israel literally every other country on this planet, not that Israel is a country so much as a criminal hideout be out manoeuvred by a virtually economically crippled country? They exist because they have faith in the land, and it yields to their needs, food, shelter etc.

No, the Jew is interested in death, destruction, debauchery, perversion of anything sacred. They are the outward manifestation of inner decay and rot. Not that the people are like that from the point of view that they’ve chosen to be like that. Of course it’s everyone else’s fault that they chose to be the monopolisers of the above. Their God is war, their God is in lieu of a messiah, as the failure of Menachem Shneerson as the messiah was a great blow to their political thrust within their own religious ranks.

The fascinating aspect of a Christian country, and cast with an even longer shadow when contrasted with non Christian thought, is that the framework of the society is very, very much protectionist of the citizens. The means to be a citizen was/is tied with blood and soil. 3rd world countries operated largely in their own tribal ways, and the great Roman Empire spread the ethos of the great Greek thinkers, or at least that was the plan. Obviously, as with anything White, as with Black, or any pure colour, the tiniest foreign speck is the first thing people will notice. Link.

Two of the great many things I have learned over the years learning law, is that ultimately there’s always a remedy and everything must be done by agreement. These are very interesting concepts. Especially given Israeli politics as it pertains to the use of that, remedy by agreements, in the rest of the world. Given that a court is the last resort for settlement, hence the judge being endowed with the means to rule, as a neutral viewer and with good conscience, most cases should not even get to court. Most things, and I need you to think now, most things can be easily settled. Yea, look no further than the Jew for means to bring controversy. That’s the key to the Jew, seek settlement and give them no room for argumentation. It’s their natural instinct to raise controversy. Don’t let them, ask what they want for settlement, other than their shekels. It’s long a tenet of Our societies, and not Jew societies to pay off by work, in exchange for labour in like for like trade deals based on value. The Jewish money has less than zero value in Our societies, it has trouble, death, murder and destruction. Link.


Israeli politics, which is wholly Jewish, is one of forceful persuasion, absolute hegemony and black market tax evading. Link. Imagine you’re a guest in someone’s home, and you decide, for your own benefit that you will kill the parents who own the home. So you kill the parents and no one does anything about it, at least nothing that you care about. You killed them in such ways that didn’t show you up as a killer, in fact, as you are now the victim of the accusation it’s time to blame say the eldest child. Then you blame the eldest child, and he goes to jail, because you then sleep with the Police Commissioner, the Judge and some of the Jury. Then you get back to your guest house where you can rule without conscience, as the makers of the rules are 6 feet under. It’s a crude model, but touches on all the elements of how Jews operate in house within politics. Link.

One need look no further than the demolition job that Jews do. Take Imperial Russia with her great palaces, fantastic culture, magnificent navy and wonderful monarchy that set the standards for Russians to aspire too. Imperial China, falling to Imperial Japan because the Japanese understood the threat of China becoming a whore to the Jewish shadow people. South Africa, a land built by Europeans from scratch over the course of 400 years, yet the communist ANC move in and bomb the place into an unrecognisable oblivion with European blood spilled all over the beautiful farmed countryside. Link. Link.

The Jews are a very wordy people, about the only things they have carried from civilisation to civilisation is a menorah and their (((scriptures))), which appear to be the coding for taking down great empires. They have built not one building in the history of man, except when forced to. They absconded from the Jewish Autonomous Region under Stalin, who before becoming leader of the murderous Bolshevik regime had been the Minister of Minorities. Quel surprise that Stalin should be the one to allow, under his iron fist, the weakest and most persecuted of all the tribes, isn’t it? And funny again that with this Perestroika Deception that we’re living in that minority rule is the single most dangerous weapon recently utilised by Jews to take down the whole European idea and populations of Europe and Europeans. Link. Link. Link.




Trumps jews

It’s always the Jews, they refuse to assimilate, and why would they?


A Tribute To My Teacher – Ernst Zundel


After travelling almost the globe over I was fortunate enough to be pointed in the direction of Ernst’s videos explaining the culander like holes missing in the “Holocaust” fairy story of the Jewish people. En masse they are constantly proclaiming, not only, the earth’s debt to them, but also God’s too. It’s a golden ticket that they care not to face off to anyone who has the measure of their golden cow. I was very impressed by Ernst’s wonderful way of teaching. A dynamic character who simply stated facts and got out of the way of any personality trappings to present them clearly and sequentially.

I myself have gone out of my way with constant, constant research to give Jews favour. Unfortunately, I have always been drawn to the same conclusion about their antics as a species apart from people I’ve encountered the world over. There is nothing whatsoever that I have met that has anything in common at all with how Jews function, individually and collectively. Ernst, on the other hand, is exactly the type of man who I would honestly say, with hand on heart, is a decent type. Without prejudice to anyone else, he’s just a simple man dealing with things in a simple way. I totally can get his conclusions as they follow logic, they follow history, and mostly they follow what knowledge I have of both National Socialists and of the German People.

I’m certainly not a man who is timid to speak out for truth, as demonstrated by this blog which is now 4 years on and read in over 140 countries world wide. I think I have a fair assessment of life having been through the ZOG world, chewed up and spat out with not so much as a buy your leave. Je Suis Ernst, and not even. His powerful mind showed me a new way to think about the eternal subject whereby to deny his presentations would effectively render me an idiot. I thank Ernst for all his life’s work and know that I, and others, are most definitely infinitely better people for encountering his life experiences explained by him in his many brilliant hours explaining the conclusions of his masterful research.

Thank you my teacher, I shall never forget you and will always honour your memory. Good night and God bless, please rest in peace in heaven forever and ever. Link. Here is the great lecture by Our great teacher that convinced me that my instinct to believe in defending the National Socialists was indeed an instinct to be followed. Link. I think like many people in this Zio-Marxist mind warp that keeping Our European culture from us has been of the greatest crime to humanity ever in the history of the planet. Go see your friends Ernst. Heaven has gained another Angel with your presence.





The Anti-Family Unit: A Zio-Marxist Racket (((Except for their families)))


Obviously, something is not at all right with the world. Without any animosity towards other people then getting our own house in order is becoming a priority. In order to understand the requirements of what’s needed to fix the one and only problem facing us. That of unity over division, as we have now. “Division is our unity” – Mossad.

I like to play with the concepts, as proposed by William Shakespeare, that we’re all actors on the stage. Well, any actor worth his salt, I expect, would be aware of the other actors feelings, thoughts, perspectives and attitudes, as well as a consideration of what can be learnt, learned for my American readers, and what ideas can be shared for another’s educating also. Isn’t this why we’re here, to elevate each other through intellectual stimulation and spiritual nourishments?

Look at the many, many young people now using certain drugs to enhance their life experience. The rhetorical answer is in the implied question. It doesn’t take that much brain power to work out that a dependent for artificial stimulus is being without the correct stimulus of natural life. In years gone by, people would meet for a sing song, a dance and a chat. Link. The idea of being social creatures is a very real and true thing. We simply are creatures who are social by nature, except Jews, obviously. Jews are born saboteurs, assassins, sly and deviously minded. Life can be fun, and I believe it’s a duty to protect that, and make sure it’s the best fun too. Link. Link.

mossad 9 11

Who the hell do these criminals think they are? Yes, they’ve gotten away with so much while we’ve been busily working away providing for their criminal minded escapades. Even through 2 world wars and still never is never enough for them. They’ve thrown the baby out with the bathwater here though. There’s no way a few hoodlums, when the size of the population of the earth is considered, they are but a few. There’s no way a handful of hoodlums can be continuing on with this tirade of devilish behaviour. Many decent people have said they’re just sitting back relaxing waiting for the moments when the military, the civil service and the police have finally had enough, band together and simply remove these villains out from the offices they have no justification being in.

Basically everything can be viewed from an economic standpoint. Literally everyone has x amount of revenue available. Even sports stars and celebrities are limited by their incomes. Therefore, the lifestyles are reflected by the amounts they have access too. With the credit card mentality of a lot of people, they hock their lives away. As we’re creatures of habit, they get used to that, and then go on the run, or go to jail. Even though there’s no debtors prisons any more, there’s also no law, and when sought, a conniving lawyer will get his goal. So, for instance has anyone reckoned how many criminals are incarcerated for victimless crimes? How about that everyone in the jailhouse had a lawyer representing them?

All of our constitutions derive from the nature, otherwise what is the point? Nature was here a long time before us. Now it is a savage nature to want to be promiscuous with sex, flirty with drugs, rob, steal and rape others, including economic rape. There’s nothing of anything worthwhile having if it isn’t for good use. Much of what we’re being given by those who we pay to run our lives, is of inferior standard and only subject to their quality control.


As people budget around what they perceive as being the be all and end all of the possibilities for options to make their lives of enhanced value, incomes paid in Jewish money, aka debt notes/credit. They fall and turn to the quick fix, easy to get cocaine, prescription tablets or such like substance abusing. The trapdoors are everywhere, and oh so cohenveniently set. The teaching of how to slowly set oneself up to being immune to this Jewish psychological war method onslaught is our tragedy, yet definitely worthwhile and doable. It is the life of some alive and having this awesome adventure chasing up the robbers who have literally killed a quarter of a billion innocent civilians. Hunting the Jewish pirates the hell out of it. Link.


Finding out in life that everything you knew is a lie, is soon cured when you learn that it’s Jews who work tirelessly night and day to promulgate that lie. It’s more like a root system of lies that spring further lies. So, you end up in a forest of lies, and dealing with others who are also in their forests of lies. Luckily patterns are easier to spot from a broader view, but try telling people who haven’t yet begun nurturing those broader views, and you trigger all the emotional triggers set in place by the Jewish brainwashing media war machine. Link.






Just because we can have a beautiful life without Jews, then Jews have to ruin everything. Not that they can share with others, or be with others, that might compromise their Jewishness. God forbid they should sully themselves so far as to let the goy stray from the Noahide Laws. Good luck to them, because what’s erupting down the pipe is gathering so much momentum that Jews may find that a whirlwind will look slow motion to how this is all going to pan out for them. It really is Jew v Gentile in this age old argument between Good and Evil. I’ll leave you to decide which is which, oy vey anti Semitism!

Love goes toward love as school-boys from their books, But love from love, toward school with heavy looks.” – William Shakespeare. Love your Race, Love your People!




Hidden Homosexual Secrets of Africa’s Governments – The Israeli Connection

antifa israel

As Netenyahu is about to meet with the leader of African State of Togo, amid that latest tour by Netenyahu of 7 African States, where the Ugandan leader insisted to call “Israel” by her correct name of Palestine. Link. Link. Link. Link. Africa has been a continent of endless resources, beautiful landscapes, romantic tales of adventure and sharing the land with the people harmoniously, until arms dealers target African lives for profit. Link. Link.

Nat trust

I asked the National Trust what is meant by “partial decriminalisation” without reply

Nat trust1

Nat trust2

A recent case here saw a Ugandan lesbian enter into UK, with the aid of Jewish MP Louise Ellman, under a refugee status. The claim was that her life may be ended in Uganda. The whole story seemed, and was later found out to be, a means for Jews to find ways to promote their LGBT, the homosexuality movement, in UK. This is not something people of UK have ever wanted, yet after World War2 and after the Kennedy assassination when the Vatican Council ll was established. That being the Jewish takeover of the Catholic Church, Jesuits and all. Were now the blaming of Jews from Christs’ death simply vanished into thin air. Link. Link. Link. Link. Link. Link. Link.

So, after reading about this one case of the lesbian entering UK under the claim of her life being threatened due to State policy, I thought I’d call the embassy for an official statement. They told me that while it is currently a residual law from the former Commonwealth Colony,  the Ugandan government are wanting Uganda to be liberal and allow homosexuality. Call them yourselves and ask about it. The media is saying they, the government of Uganda, are prepared to kill people for that, yet when I spoke to the High Commissioner at the Embassy, he said it simply is not the case. What is the case though is that the promotion of homosexuality in Europe has reached unnerving levels, almost as high as the enforcement of multi-culturism. So, in turn the government of Uganda are basically admitting that they are not protecting their own citizens but are in fact living under Colonial Codes, which were the vary codes that were here yet have been (((partially))) decriminalised.

As we know over here in Europe the deal for homosexuality to be accepted as a societal norm is underpinned by Jewish political gains. Link. I’d bet my bottom dollar that Netenyahu’s visit’s to Africa do not promote publicly the LGBT issue. Link. Link. Link. It is and always has been a thing of Jews that they promote the unnatural and sinful sodomite way of life. Link.


Ok, so Tanzania, a long time stronghold of the Jesuits, who when in Europe actively promote LGBT, yet in Tanzania the leader there does not wish for (((gay rights))). He says cows may approve, and the Jewish word for cattle is goy, or goyim, which is what they call non Jews. Link. Link. In Morocco they do not like the Jewish bullying tactics and their leader wants Africa to remain neutral to the Israeli/Palestinian issue. Link. All throughout Africa Communist China, Israel’s new darling, is flooding their workers and their business ethics into Africa and creating discord by forcing the Africans to seek economic migration to a Europe that is still recovering from the past decade of two world wars.


Maoist Communist Xi Jinping tells China’s forces they are to be the elite army of the world.

The reason why Maoism is still alive in China today is because like it’s forerunner, Leninst-Maoism, it is a tailored to suit communism that works more effectively by increments. As after the Long March, which was styled to gain China for Jewish Bolshevism, then that model conveniently failed as the Cultural Revolution took it’s place in China’s long, long history. Now Israel is exporting the communist model of Trotskyism, which is in fact Marxism, and now Zio-Marxism further. Link. Link.

It is very naive at this late stage to think that Israel is without extremely weighty influence the world over in almost every corridor of world politics. The banks are funding the LGBT movement in UK, which have “young and old”, well it doesn’t have anyone I know supporting it, nor encouraging it, quite the opposite. “Guests include the newly announced Liverpool Pride Patron the Bishop of Liverpool Paul Bayes; Liverpool City Region Metro Mayor Steve Rotheram; Deputy Mayor Ann O’Byrne, Merseyside Police Chief Constable Andy Cooke; Mark Armario from Barclays, LGBT+ writer Linda Riley; and LGBT+ poet Gerry Potter.Link.

Such victimhood to be so criticised that the headlines, who not only give their position away, but by supporting LGBT seek to encourage it by taking up media space for the public at large. So, while good tidings could be brought for effective use by the public, that media space is given to minority groups to spread presumptions that “hate” is in every corner of the minds of people who simply wish to be heterosexual and have normal traditional family lives. “ ‘Seeds of  hate’ sown as Tanzania starts its crackdown on LGBT – Situation for the gay community deteriorates as ministers partially ban lubricants and restrict pro-gay charities.” Link.

Next we see the Jesuits, the so called “militant wing” of the Catholic Church promoting, by endorsing, an LGBT book written by a Jesuit and backed by Cardinals of Rome. This is not anything that the people have been given any choice whatsoever here in Europe. it has all stemmed from the Vatican Council ll, and we believe it has not yet reached it’s full agenda, not by a long chalk. Link.

VC 2a.jpg

Father James Martin of the Society of Jesus, the Jesuits, preaches to gay activists how “The Church should embrace homosexuality’s ‘special gifts’ ” Link. Well, excuse me, but I find that very offensive as I have witnessed the dilapidation of the Churches to become less than shells of what they were supposed to be. The politically correct stance now is to place minority needs first, oy vey anti Semitism, and put the democratic electorate spiritual needs on the back burner. As homosexuality artificially grows then so does the lack of will to have families, when all about are saboteurs of family values. These saboteurs, the sayanim, are Mossad’s ground troops covertly weaving their ways through our civilisations and with intricate networks throughout the political spectrum managed, like a virus, to be the cat sitting watching the mouse hole. Link.

So, whereas the European and African democracies historically, and currently, among the people always had homosexuality as an illegal activity. Then now the very institutions that had been set the task to ensure it’s non appearance are now the saboteurs from within. In UK the Church has been replaced on masse by a slew of off shore accounting money laundering chains of charities that usually rent the best offices in the City of London, where there are some of the highest rents anywhere on the planet. No wonder Europe is being economically crippled, as has been the case the majority of Africa, with the likes of the ANC, Boko Harum, the child fighters of Eritrea and Ethiopia, the drug addicted drug running children of Sierra Leone and so much more besides.

As the Jew boy Bob Geldof, the darling of the Jewish bankers, with his lucrative non for profit African charitable causes that net the likes of BBC, BT and the Jewish banks, wll they’re all Jewish concerns anyhow, because the Jewish stockbrokers are trading the insurances on the NYSE and London bonds market. “I don’t care who creates the laws, give me the control of the money supply” Mayer Amschel of the Jewish Frankfurt ghetto, who took the name of Rothschilds after it became fashionable for Jews to do so post the “liberating ” of Jews by Napoleon.drag

Flag_of_the_Jewish_Autonomous_Oblast open drag.jpg

The Jewish flag for their homeland created in 1937, some 2 years before the outbreak of World War 2.

The Jewish Autonomous Region is a place that could easily take in tens of millions of African economic migrants and refugees, and with the help of the mercurial Jewish people, they could help build their own paradise forever with good faith. No, the Jews continue to deny the Ethiopian Jews access to Israel, for the most part at least. The Jews would rather be unwelcome guests in a place that enjoys the superb climates and peaceful living. Now it is full of modernism, prostitution, drug trafficking and child abuse, which are cultural treasures of Judaism, and they have been foistered on all of us.

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UAF/Antifa fly the Jewish flag of paedophilia

Now as luck would have it, Angela Merkel has “voted” against same-sex “marriage” in Germany. “Despite her opposition, the Bundestag voted to legalise equal marriage by 393 votes to 226, and the Chancellor said she hoped the move would improve social cohension.” How the hell will it “improve social cohesion”? Well, she hope’s it does, and I guess it is only her hopes, and her bosses, that the 1.6 billion Europeans in Europe depend on. Not communism at all, not even a bit *sarcasm*. Link.


The Mud Hut Synagogue – Israeli Land Claim Exposed As Completely Bogus


In order to contextualise the contents of this article in the way that I wish to set them out then I should like for the reader to consider the links enclosed, as they will help to build up the bigger picture in a much more streamlined manner. Thank you. Link.

My first ports of call are the notions of jurisdictions and how different things can happen under the control of different “overlords”, for wont of a better phrasing. On Wall Street, the home of the Jews since their appearance in 1654 at the then New Amsterdam, now obviously New York. The Jewish contingency had been booted out of Portuguese owned Brazil and had managed to (((somehow))) navigate their way up the coast to Hudson Bay. Oh how they suffer.

Even the arrival of them there was vehemently protested by the then governor Dutchman Peter Stuyvesant, who they then went on to steal land from and form the 10 mile square Washington DC. Link. Link. Link. Link. Link.


The beautiful New Amsterdam within the Dutch colony of New Amsterdam, circa 1654.

As with anything concerning Jews, ie everything, the Jews make out as if the universe revolves around their woes and that other people’s problems are wholly anti-Jewish. It’s a sort of signature thing to look out for whenever reading anything written by a Jew, or Jew sympathiser, shabbos goy, then that’s a tell tale sign. Of course the problems of the non Jews are also not problems of Jews either, so they are anti-Jewish, because they exist, or don’t depending. It’s just a neat little thing of Jews to place themselves in the middle of every expectation of entitlement.


In all the world how lucky it would be not to have a meddling Jew pulling all the strings for internationalism behind the scenes? It appears that right from the start of our current time, 2017 years ago, then Jews were at it. Jewish King Herod chasing the new born babies and cutting their heads off that the people may not have a messiah. Look at the White population currently and the lack of births, are we not seeing a much more industrialised version of the same tale? More, those who are surviving now, after Bolshevism, are the very like minded people to a man from that period who was not Barabas? Yea, verily we are reaching a certain conciousness that cannot deny that those who killed National Socialism in the past, are the same as who had been believed to have voted to have the carpenter crucified in place of the liar, thief, murderer and cheat. In the land of free speech the King cannot be deaf, dumb or blind.

le merchanto.jpg

These Jews who have taken the stance of being in opposition to everything that their host nations stand for, are trying to plough their way to recruiting the youth. They have killed all notions of community for Our people, and platform the places of their bent as being the only places where gatherings are allowed. There’s a saying about “You cannot know what you don’t know” I guess it’s akin to to “ignorance is no excuse of the law”. As those who are awakening to the many, many manufactured problems of today, we seem to have somehow managed to shed off the web of the viper like Jew. I digress, the meat and potatoes of this article are really about Jewish make believe and chutzpah. Back to the first sort of point about the Jews of New Amsterdam, who could not go past the Wall Street for trading, as they would not enjoy the protection of the Dutch, should the stray beyond the wall. Later the British, who the Jews then brought to bully New Amsterdam off of the Dutch… Palestine much? (((Brit’ish))) Link.


I  have spoken to some Dutch people about Dutch origins, and I was told that they are the oldest of the German folk, and they lived on the water. Indeed they have basically built Holland just in the last 100 years for the most part. The Jews of Antwerp where set upon, and oh lord however did that come about. They were set upon by the King of Holland who built a dam to stop the Jewish ships with diamonds going to the banking quarter of Antwerp where they had “Palestinated” there. So, the King of Holland raised taxes, and the Jews, being Jews, simply relocated to Amsterdam for tax purposes, and also stayed in Antwerp too. Link.


Moshe, commonly known as Moses

So, we know Jews were in Egypt, Rome, “While the treatment of Jews by the Romans in Palestine was often harsh, relations with the rulers in Rome were generally much better. Julius Caesar, for example, was known to be a friend of the Jews; he allowed them to settle anywhere in the Roman Empire. According to historians, when Caesar was assassinated by Brutus in 44 B.C.E., Roman Jews spent day and night at Caesar’s tomb, weeping over his death. His successor, Augustus, also acted favorably toward the Jews and even scheduled his grain distribution so that it would not interfere with the Jewish Sabbath. Two synagogues were founded by slaves who had been freed by Augustus (14 C.E.) and by Agrippa (12 B.C.E.).Link. China, the ancient capital of Kaifeng, home to the corrupt Prime Minister Gao Chu in the treasure of Chinese Traditional Literature “108 Heroes of the Marsh” has a (((mysterious))) group of Jews that remain there to this day. Link. India, the land that now boasts the takeover of the diamond trade. Link. Link. America too. Link. Link. Link. Link.

With the many sudden attacks on the Europeans by the Natives of America, I can only draw parallels to other events I have seen happen in this manner. South Africa, is one good example, as would possibly Ireland be, with the mess of sectarianism there. With McGuiness the Mossad operative on the one hand stoking up the Catholics with his Sayanim help Gerry Adams, and Ian Paisley, the so call Reverend, who is more like a sub-Rabbi, as which the other two are also. As was Devilera and Churchill before them. Link. Link. Link.

mcguiness 12237

With all of this information laid before us, we can sort of build a tapestry of events and circumstances as to who is who and what is what. Now looking again at Wall Street, it is entirely operated on what are called Blue Sky Laws. Link. Obviously the historical facts as outlined above demonstrate that Jews have historically been allowed to trade, by the Dutch East India Company, sister of the British East India Company, or the Company, Re: London Company, Virginia Company all now trading under the name Central Intelligence Agency, which is Mossad and Mi5/Mi6. Yet, astonishingly no actual land claim has been made to New York as belonging to Jews, even though they are behind the wallpaper ghosting along all the corridors of power and murdering anyone with so much as an opinion. Link. Link. Link.

So, to conclude this investigation of the legitimacy, or illegitimacy of the Israeli land claim to the area of land formerly known as Palestine, and also for 30 years up until the terrorist Jewish insurgencies of IZL, the Stern Gang and Irgun blew up the British Palestinian Mandate govt. who were housed at the King David Hotel. This vein of terror we see constantly throughout history from the Jewish insurgents, from Bolshevism to Moses to Lenin, link, appears to render the Jewish land claim to Israel null and void. Forgive me if I’m wrong, but in all the many, many States where Jews have imposed themselves on, there is not one claim by Jews to ownership of that land. The only land they have chosen just happens to sit now at the very central position of the three continents overlooking the Suez canal. And with China, Israel’s new darling, cosying up to Panama and Ecuador, things are sure pointing even more to how Jews simply use nation states as vehicles for their hegemony of terrorising. Link. Link.

Fortunately there’s not some old shady Jew boy orchestrating all these events from behind the scenes. Oy vey anti Semisitm! Oh, how they suffer more like.

The world needs to wake up to the fact that Israel is nothing more than the military industrial complex and it is targeting Europe and European blooded people’s to be wiped off the face of the earth. In the most unusual twist of fate this also demonstrates that Europe and the European blooded People’s are in fact very much part of the answer to world peace. Along with Africa, where Israel makes no claim, and Asia, where, for the most part Israel makes no claim, except on the bank of the Mediterranean there where the Sephardic Jews relocated to after being booted out by Spain and Portugal and being accepted by the Ottomans, who they also destroyed. It appears cleverer men than myself are now scrutinising the archaeological value of Israel’s claim and coming up with a big fat nothing. Link. Link. Link.



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