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Cover-up Cameron!



Collecting unwarranted tax for Israel

 The Implicated – By now the message is clear that pedophilic corrupting of UK     politics is firmly at the doors of those who are trying to hide the cover up, such as  David Cameron by his recent statement link that he is of the mind that the child abusing case is now a “conspiracy theory”, well, what does he know about it?
A Prime Minister who is actively seeking to hide such a cover up, when all the indicators of guilt of his clique lay bare, and as he is well knowing, the Nation is seeing it, and he is digging himself into a deepening hole that is actively burying the insidious cabal there in Parliament, as watched over by Whitehall, by its own poisonous treachery.


Yea, the Nation is waking very much to the extent of the collateral damage that the minions who coral themselves

May I shake your dick?

May I shake your dick?

into Parliamentary and other esteemed Public Offices deceiving the unsuspecting Public and incrementally feeding the mass media machine to trying to accept the rhetoric of debauchery, degeneracy and murderous mutilating as something that is normal in Our wonderfully constructed Society, Our inheritance.
For these wannabees coming in and laying down what they consider to be the law that the Public are following without redress highlights the very lack of vision that those morons in Cabinet and Shadow Cabinet right now have, expressing a disdain of immeasurable quantity towards the Nation of Britain as a whole, both it’s warm, generous and caring People and the many goods that it is being robbed of in the asset stripping of the Nation that Cameron is currently leading, children and all.

Jewish Leon Brittan suspected of covering up pedophilia dossiers deliberately.

Jewish Leon Brittan suspected of covering up pedophilia dossiers deliberately. (Click for video)

With even just a modicum of research now the seams are coming apart massively for the Board of Deputies who are ever grasping and clasping at straws to cover tracking marks left blatantly all around, due to the complacency that was also their undoing in the Fall of the Roman Empire, one which the same accountants destroyed all the goodness out of through deceit, subversion and corrupting practices that are the same templates in use today by the heirs of such incestuous lineage.
As Ed Miliband further restructuring his strong points to assemble an image of sheer buffoonery his handlers looking on with scripting being manufactured for the parachuting in of the faux knight in his brother David Miliband for functional purposing of making the theatre appear busying, when all along the ticket holders have merely been tickets and told they are customers, yet, the show is not over, and the cabbages, rotten eggs and tomatoes are to everybody’s hands to adjudge the performance of the actors on the grand stage.


Hanging out down at the Knesset

Hanging out down at the Knesset. (Click for video)

To unifying of the electorate is now beginning and placing itself in the hearts, minds and souls of the true rulers of these lands here, the Public at large, the voting bloc, the electing body of this Constitutional Monarchy that has become a Representational Democracy under the guidance of those who separating themselves from the general public hole themselves up in their little bubble world of opium trading, arms dealing, child trafficking, corrupting courts, policing, tax-dodging, airy-fairying and pedophilying.
Their stall is well and truly set out now, the wares are here for choosing and rejecting, what is missing is the cohesing between the electorate, such as the Monarch was doing in better days gone by, when the Monarch is standing for Righteousness, Justice, Honesty, Honour and the virtuing of such natures as are organic to us who have inhabited these lands for millennia and more.

Cover-up Cameron with the Israeli Ambassador to UK. (Click for video)

Cover-up Cameron with the Israeli Ambassador to UK. (Click for video)

Good Health and Nationalism.


Life is in itself the great mystery of life. We have no clue of anything as to how the cosmos got us here, but that far from means we are at the whim of the largest criminal organisation in the known universe. It seems over the past few thousands years attempts have been made for genuine self-autonomy and this has met with and without resistance. Should we take the fact that the mere existence of the pyramids, for me, seems to quash all arguments of what greatness that we can have, hasn’t been had. It obviously has.

Now the great stories of Moses in the Court of the Pharaoh, and Joseph with his coat of many colours. Link.  The exiling of the Jews, the differences in the Holy Bible of Hebrews and Israelites. The chameleon like nature that we know of the Jews we encounter these days all add up to conclusions that can far from be denied.

With the Greek warriors and people’s of their time, the Romans, the Spanish, French, Russian, Swedish, Norwegian and many more Royal Houses besides, all have given Europe the first footings for what potentially The Americas can become. That stepping process is being milked, and yet, we all are doing better and better through educating ourselves together via the information deluge. Link.

Is there an aim to us from wherever we’ve come from? Having seen how the country here has been torn apart from within the Administrative sector. After having been dragged through the construction industry as a Bricklayer and working on many a huge site involving thousands of tons of concrete blocks for the building of huge buildings. Buildings such as Manchester Airport’s Terminal 2 and 3, Trafford Park, also Manchester, Piccadilly Station, Manchester, Liverpool University, Halton General Hospital and many, many more projects besides. The point I’m making is that even by virtue of you reading this article now on this blog demonstrates that greatness is in abundance. So why are being given the trickle and not an even amount for effective developing around the world.

As a constructor of giant sized buildings, and not at all by American, Chinese and say Canadian standards, I feel I do have a valid call in pointing to how greatness took place and isn’t any longer. At least it isn’t in the ways that can, and the Jews are wholly at the centre of that. Should the Jews be removed from the equation then greatness naturally takes place. In my personal life being two steps ahead of the Jews has led me to become a much more complete person and much more spiritually fulfilled in the right ways. I’m far from being Johnny Sheckelmeister the local sports celebrity flown in all the way from Africa to laud it over the minions as a superstar.

I’ve come to understand many things while seeking the only fruitful path, the one that is said it is easier for a camel to enter into the eye of a city than the rich man. Psychologically our aims are different, if I can be allowed a little free reign here for contrast. Physiologically I am much better at balancing the 15ib head of mine on the full length of my spine and move with grace, comfort and elegance. This I’m achieving through having Alexander Technique lessons and utilising it in everyday use, and not simply for functional use when wanting to do something. For me it’s not an off the shelf thing for being a better sportsman, musician, actor or what have you. For me, and it seems I’m exactly correct in the idea for it, is to use it as a guiding principle, or as FM Alexander called it himself, “The means whereby” meaning that in everything we do we have our innate natural composure aligned perfectly well with our consciousness. Not discounting Alexander technique teacher Patrick McDonald’s proclamation that he’d wasted just 63 years on it. That was only until the documentary I saw, and I’m sure he didn’t stop that wasting.


I think we are all familiar with the story of the ugly duckling and how that turned out, so hold onto your dreams of a better life for yourself and those around you. Learning from nature is a grand way, and the way of our forebears. Link. I think many of us drowning in this sea of information currently are finding a way to swim with the tide and evade being bogged down by it. Obviously it’s a great way for the Jewish mafia to make money by selling their wares, drugs, children for sex, slaves and land, to name but a few things that those crooks get involved in. Link.

Apparently being tied to the land is not something Jews do well, yet Europeans and others can do it remarkably well. Link.  Alas due to the running of the financial world by the Jews, the demands on the unsuspecting goyim are ever increasing for shekels to be turned over to the Jews. This does not create a well spirited community, or communities. It creates Communism, where each unit, human, is held to task by the Jews with the government as front men, and henchmen from bailiffs, police, locksmiths, insurance people, lawyers, accountants… the list is quite long and is meshed together by Freemasonry.

detect goyim

The historic value of the court system losing all it’s credibility as a thing of neutrality and for the justice system having seen to have served correct justice at the will of the People. The whole thing becomes shambolic and a ridicule of all the great things that it should stand for. This is in no way to discount that the Jews are still in control of the levers of power and influence behind the scenes. They control the money supply and distribution. That basically means they have everyone in a sort of siege situation were, “you don’t work for the Jew means no shekels for food”. Even this again is another flim flam and creates a sort of zero class status individual who’s needs, desires and drives are quashed into not more than sitting on the cold, cold floor begging for pennies for drugs to get out of their minds, because there potentials are being overlooked while the Synagogue dictates over the foreign people’s that it claims to benevolently assimilate with.

Who is forcing any Jews to do something on the behalf of non-Jews where they’re not making a pretty penny out of it? Link.  I don’t think Max Steinberg is telling the full story, or someone isn’t. Oy vey anti Semitism. I mean, that video has 19 views, no comments and zero likes. It’s hardly shouting it from the rooftops is it? Where are the local entrepreneurs in those opportunities that have had those opportunities bombed out of the heart of the city for Max Steinberg to whisper the odds as to where, and what money comes in to the city? It’s not something specific to Liverpool per se, wherever there are Jews, they will be positioned at these kinds of level pulling the financial strings and making sure it doesn’t spill over into the mainstream, lest everyone will have a shekel or two and basically “anudda shoah”


Make Steinberg zero likes!


The infamous Quiggins building, School Lane, Liverpool. England.

Quiggins-Liverpool (6)

Best cafe ever. Had great homemade cakes and herbal brews. I used to go there when I could, and hankered for going there when I couldn’t.

Quiggins-Liverpool (7)

Quiggins 2002

Quiggins-Liverpool (1)

Gary not hearing the offer price…

Quiggins-Liverpool (4)

Jason checking to see that three heads are better than one

Quiggins-Liverpool (8)

Quiggins the antique specialists which started out as a removals van business, see link below.

Quiggins-Liverpool (2)

Quiggins was always the shining light of small industry in Liverpool, and no wonder, look how many there are.

Quiggins-Liverpool (3)

Vintage clothing specialist shopkeeper Sue, now runs her wonderful emporium on Smithdown Road under the name of Mooshy La-La. A very classy place with clothing of the highest standard that you won’t find elsewhere and all presented in a beautiful ensemble that does her and her merchandise great justice.

Quiggins-Liverpool (5)

Looking back in time to a great episode in Liverpool’s history Georgina Carney represents the children who ventured into Quiggins with as much curiosity and awe as the so many others children and adults alike.

Here are some links from Quiggins and related stuff. Link, link, link, link. Here is the Echo link from which the photos where published. Link.

And with that I should say you pretty much have the full template of how Jews dismantle the wealth from within cities. It’s a template used all over the world, because it’s internationalism. The stronger version for a more vibrant life for the masses is Nationalism and breeds good healthy living through family values. Honesty counts, good order counts through the free will, because people are savvy enough to understand 2 + 2 = 4. It breeds a higher societal living, without the need for pep ups, such as drugs and other erroneous intoxicants. Nationalism is about putting your own people on a good footing. Helping them develop skills and grow from a sense of community. That’s what Communism destroys, all sense of community.

Communism is always aloof, it’s the great whore of Babylon. One can learn to live without the dependencies on it, when one observes what it involves and cuts down where possible on the feeding of it. It’s basic common sense were things are allowed to work. I’m sure people are familiar with times that go well and would surely wish more times like those. It’s about creating more opportunities for things to go well and enjoying life and finding out how much life can bring. As the old saying goes, “How much pleasure can we really stand?”

Dedicated to all those wishing for a better future past and present. Victory is the only option.


Transferring the biological needs of women


Miss Northern Ireland 2015

Gaining leverage over situations can be useful, in that, whatever principles may have been used in one situation can be possibly used in another. Basically we’re talking about short cuts, streamlining or being effective and efficient. Call it how you will, the underlying thing of these principles is they may share commonalities., useful commonalities. Now from my background of sport and construction where I have learned most of my skills. I learned to use physics in order to move something really, really heavy,  by using a pivot point for leverage and it’s a very useful thing to know. One simple object, paired with another object also of lesser strength can together create a binding solution for moving objects far and beyond the capabilities of man by himself.


Generally women love to have fun, they love to have nice things around them, a pleasant atmosphere and lots of good entertainment and luxury. I can’t think of a woman who wouldn’t want that kind of security around her, unless she’s Jewish, then she’ll totally defy everything I just said. Have it all, but not want you to know about it. Nor for you to have any part of it, unless she makes gains from it. Link. Will you be lavishing it away on Wall St. where “the inevitable revolution will take place”? Where’s your place in the market? Where’s your children going to find their positions, because you can guarantee those women on Wall St are having a minimum of from 4 children upwards.  All paid for by the money markets and not a dish will they wash.

The scenario above, I’m sure, is not one your familiar with, including every man, woman or child reading here. If you know anything about what Jews are like. Link. Then you will know they haven’t the standards of morals that are enshrined in our cultures. In fact through their hustling into positions of power from behind the scenes, then one can see how they manipulate the situation for the Jewish supremacist ideology, Judaism. And only for Judaism. Link.

The 26 Open + Direct Miss Northern Ireland finalists who gathered at The OUTLET, Banbridge for a photoshoot ahead of the gala final on 13 May .JPG

Maybe the fox caring for the chicken coup maybe the phrase I’m looking for. Jews are our tragedy. A Jew will tell us through their media outlets, through tv programmes, radio programmes, music soap opera etc how the society is to their estimation via their concerted and joined energies. Our societies, away from Judaic control are much more atuned to being social in nature. We all know the Robin Hood story, which is even somewhat tainted by the Jews. They control education,  link, they control children’s tv,  link, they control the airwaves. Link. Those unseen things that carry the messages from their laid back design focused wholly on their aims through spin doctoring. Link. (shorter version, link) Link.


So, behind the scenes, the string pullers are leading the country. By using the Public funds to run the businesses for the good of who is seen fit by them to run it for. Without a shadow of a doubt the new first class citizens, as is called in China the “Men women”, as they are playing the roles of men, without being married, ie not looking for motherhood. Thus capping even the one child policy to the non-child policy by way of Capitalism, which is Communism. They are largely used by companies to win important business contacts over. Link, link, link. So the new Communist model within Communist China is Capitalism, and that is to say that as it is in the West, or something like how we thought we conceived it. Think pink elephants.



Women have “fought” and “won” their rights, oy vey, anti Semitism, to reach the highest offices in the industrial spectrum. So, what separates our Capitalism and Communism now? Link.  I guess man walking up and down the streets to be oppressed and live a life in the kitchen having babies isn’t seen as having the pecuniary advantages of striving to be the top in the workplace? Link. Let’s compare our actual culture here against the culture that is being sold to us as our culture. Let’s take the idea of modernism, not necessarily a foreign idea to Europeans, especially post World War two people. It’s clean, elegant, spacious and with so many electrical appliances to give aid to modern living the style is also somewhat convenient.



Compare the styles, modern v traditional.


Which one is more classic, and therefore more lasting?

It’s not that people such as “Lord Cashpoint” don’t warrant some scrutiny, don’t they?Aren’t the antics from the positions they’ve wrangled themselves into that arouse suspicion warranting such scrutiny? Isn’t it? Link. It’s like I heard a saying there that Asia is ran on shame, and Europe is ran on guilt. Link. Prey tell me where was the shame or guilt with this lackey “Lord” Jew, opting to share his thoughts on how others should be treated. Yet, for his own treatment it was a quick change of mask, and collect as many tokens of grandeur as was humanly possible, (before bogging off to Israel, the Jewish criminal hideout, as is highly suspected). Link.


The way I see my job on this blog, as I’ve said before, is not to offer opinion as a sole content for readers, but to do the donkey work for those who are kept busy by the continuously floating hand of the Jew. Which is like a school boy being disciplined with corporal punishment, the teacher waving the stick, cane, rule or strap over the hands or legs of the pupil to cause flinching and general unease. That’s what these Jews do, they look to upend composure by threats of inflicting pain. “The Jew cries pain as he strikes you” Polish proverb. Link.

The thing is most people are still believing what they’re encouraged to take on board. As the great Scott Roberts says, they, the Jews, also as I’ve reiterated many times here from Scott’s teachings, they control the narrative. By exploring, for example, outside of the Zio-Marxist political structure lent to us currently by Israel, with interest, oy vey anti Semitism. Then we must explore what ours can be. My suggestion that I’m putting forth for research and study is the ideological principles of National Socialism. Which, in my estimation, and I’m sure I’m not that far off the mark, is a naturally grown extension on the successful model of Fascism as used by 1921 Italy.

Do your research and find out for yourself, I’ll be here again waiting.  Imagine it this way, you had zero scruples or allegiances to the country folk you were milking dry, wouldn’t you scream like a baby when threatened with being removed from your unjustified position at the cash cow? Where’s Our rights here to return back from the system that is obviously one of the most expensive to be a part of… Study your options. Link, link.

So, to make an actual grand estimate of what taxes are being paid, they are the returns from industry for the benefit of society. We find that the City of London pays one third, which seems a large percent. Let’s break it down into actual reality though. Link. The Cayman islands, a British Overseas Protectorate, and tax haven, oy vey anti Semitism, yields these findings. in 2013 Korea tops 7 trillion Won, the currency of South Korea, in 2014 it rises to 25 trillion, and of 2017 it currently stands at 9 trillion. Link, link, link.  Yet the mother load of just Korean off shore tax hoarding sits at the handsome total of 500 trillion Won, yet South Korea has mass financial debts. Link, link. This is how internationalism works. You’ll notice that the St. Louis Federal Reserve Branch are looking after Korea. So, with those figures of just Korea alone, how much taxation are the havens offering? How much wealth could be circulating, as should, and needs to for sensible sustainability in our economies? It’s abyssmally pitiful at just 1.5-1.4% as according to auditors, PWC, who I believe Theresa May has worked for. Link, link, link, link.

Maybe it’s just me being naive and having people from outside the continent set up barber shops, pizza and kebab houses, restaurants and massage parlours is going to give us the returns we need to zoom right up the economic growth tables to match high flying Ecuador, Saudi Arabia and of course darling of the world who never did anything wrong, Israel. Link, link, link.

The man at work today is not more than a rag to be kicked about by those who are involved in internationalism. They are without control of their own destiny. The internationalist shadow government who is named now the world over, is getting it’s just desserts in being exposed for the size of the mutant octopus like organism that it’s always been, with it’s beating heart always connected to the pulse points, the financial and political sectors. Link, link.  Do people understand their environment to any particular degree beyond their next pay check these days? Link.  What is it that elevates these Jews to obviously boss more than just a simple position in Palestine by virtue of their claim to be a long lost tribe who were there 3000 years ago. What’s your stake in land from 3000 years ago, because you obviously didn’t just appear out of thin air, did you? Link.

With such dog muck jokes making up a trade that affords you handmade leather Gucci shoes, then being part of an exclusive club, the “Wandering Jews”, one is bound by conscience, and just plain common sense to put them back in their rightful place. Link, link.


Try it, see if it’s not true. Good luck.


 Criminals at the prison in post World War 2 Germany. who were mostly Jews who had been caught doing exactly what they do now. Judaism!


Jews practicing how to amp up the guilt

Judging others, strangers, by your own value can lead to the most awkward of situations. I’m sure people have encountered intimidation tactics before, and understand full well the methods of bullies. Yet, the vast majority of people haven’t seemed to be able to string together the real implications of the “Wandering Jews” and what it is that makes them so repugnant to Europeans, practicing and non practicing Christians alike. As I’ll wager virtually all Europeans can soon trace their religion back to Christianity within about a range of say the last 70 years, unless you’re Jewish, then that’d be your heritage. Link.

Rabbi Friedman

Rabbi Friedman

Link. Link.

Here’s a fable about how integrating one with another then the pecking order will take place. Link

Chartsworthy House – A Schoolgirls Tale of National Socialism.

Set in the future this short story predicts, in a prophetic way, how the nation can be run under a National Socialist banner when people wish it to work by working together for the nation.

The Chief's creed.jpg

Day One: It was a clean start to the morning, and even at breakfast the radio was noticeably different. Being just fourteen and starting my first school day as an ordinary teachers daughter in the same school were mama had got her new job, even if part-time was very exciting. We ate breakfast and papa spoke about how even the food tasted so much more delicious now that the new government had taken office. He told me I’d soon have some brothers and sister now, because it could be afforded and mother was definitely willing. We cheerily left the house together as a family. Papa dropped us off at the school and headed onto his workplace as an architect.

Together we walked through the gate, mama and I. As we looked at the children gathering on the yard, it was easy to sense an invigorating positivity about the place and the education that all were about to receive. It had been proven many times on the run up to the election that the new National Socialist Party of the Workers was indeed a welcome change for Our country. Even thought I was only fourteen I still could see the streets were much cleaner, everybody was busier and happier in their meaningful work. It was all very intoxicating in a wholesome natural way and I’m so glad it’s now happening.

I left mama at the corridor to lead to the main hall, as she had to go the staff room for briefings and I’d volunteered to play in the morning recital of the new Anthem “For the Nation we all work to be.” It was a truly wonderful uplifting song that simply gave you goosebumps and a choking heart when you heard it. There was 72 students to play in the orchestra which consisted of many instruments and during rehearsals we’d managed to get it sounding extremely good. Everyone of us had been using our phones to network to make it a special performance as it was our first and we all wanted the best for ourselves.

As the bell rang for the children to gather, so I noticed out of the window some buses taking the foreigners back. They had surely had a good run for their money and had cost the country an absolute fortune. Even papa had been out of work for so long, and mama could barely keep us on her wages, even though she’d been working two jobs, which amounted to almost 80 hours per week. Now nobody was expected to work even more than 36, for any reason. From what I gathered the idea was that the people, village, town or city, were not to spread themselves too thinly. Not with too many chores, just the important ones. The school in fact now had a new farm and we’d been given some instructions as to what was expected of us, as part of our educating, for doing small but meaningful jobs. Feeding and grooming the animals, we would also tend to and collect vegetables for both school and for taking home.

I must say that even though this new government had only been in for just over a week so much had changed for the better. For example the water, it was clear as a bell and tasted as crisp and fresh as it did way out into the countryside where I’d drank it from streams. That high mineral content from the rocks and springs. It had been explained by the news monitor, formerly called the television, but that name had been changed because of the idea of the news monitor being a thing specifically for educating and entertainment that also had a high educational quality. I was, and I know all the neighbours family and friends were, very much enjoying the news monitor. everything that came on was so well presented, at a very high level and everything seemed nurturing and I’d even say spiritual. It was always correctly informative about bus times, train times, anything you needed to know really, and then would be Shakespeare, Dickens or other well to do playwrights works for us to learn while we watched.

If it hadn’t have been for papa I am certain mama and I wouldn’t have known a thing about any of the changes that we were now very much included in, as was everybody.The need for crime had gone down, people were talking about having children, which is something in the past people had done. In fact the main slogan that I’d seen of the Party who won the election was ” A winning future for a winning people.” That really meant a lot to me, I wanted to be a part of the winning way, and not a competitor, but a participant doing my best. In doing we could find our own path, and from winning we can learn about excellence and making good ground toward reaping it also further. Lots of drug dealers had been put to work on the new water ways to clean there up as they were given opportunity to join with everyone in the winning way.

I think the election had been fierce, but today we would meet the new Headmaster for the whole school. He’d been specially appointed by the winning National Socialist Party of Worker’s as a man specially trained in the high morals and ethics of the political structure of our new great society. He started his address to the pupils by saying a welcome gesture and that he is hoping for lots and lots of many new things to happen, and he then said he’s also very glad that it is us who can enjoy these great many new benefits of today. It was so beautiful for there was a news monitor also above him so everybody could see his facial expressions as he talked and to be honest I’ve never heard more sincere words in a school before. I always felt the teachers were very subdued and muted, even though they’d said they weren’t, clearly they were. Papa had said it was the terrorism within the education sector. That the Jews had been putting so much filth and disgusting worthless material into the curriculum that it had been killing the teachers spirits. He said, because many of them had mortgages, and certainly many of them had, and needed pensions, that they could not upset the boat or they, and their families would be on the streets.

Living on the streets as a family had been a great chore, but luckily it was only for two years, until mama got the two jobs and we could afford a one bedroom flat where the refugees had been living before they’d all been moved into the suburbs for taking over the jobs that we were told we couldn’t do. As Internationalism had spread to such an extent that the only jobs available were for Amazon. Working as an operative either in the warehouse or on the telephones, and we couldn’t speak with the workers because they now refused to speak English because they had become the majority. The banks had broken their promises of supporting the Councils around the country and literally the whole country was foreclosed upon. There was talk of military rule, but the soldiers were all away, so G45 had taken on those duties after the Police had been disbanded.

However this new way had come about was something of an incredible scenario. A young man who I’d once known at horse riding lessons, that I’d taken when we could afford. He’d managed somehow to get a renegade programmer to convince his father that Amazon was attempting to take over the whole country. His father had a strong core group of friends and they were never going to let that happen. It all sort of happened in a rush, but thank goodness for the programmer knowing how to convey to the young man’s father what the hell was actually going on. I swear I’d be dead by now, eaten alive by the endless hordes who had been coming and saturated our workplaces.

I admired everything that was happening and I understood it to a high degree, because like my father, most men had taken a keen interest as starvation and destitution were staring them long in the face. Fortunately desperate times call for desperate measures and it sure did get desperate. Now though, the whole climate had changed. I was told I could go back to horse riding and the violin, also to learn fine art to a high degree. To learn literature, language skills and really be prepared for a functional working society who put family first. So, I would be expected to be a mother and a wife, and I so dreamed it often. I would love 6 boys and five girls, and they would play endlessly happily together with the many other children in the streets neighbouring our home.

I would also of course learn to make clothes and use artistic expression in the printing of clothes, as we would obviously have the latest tech available to everyone. The reason for this is basically the reason the old way was collapsing in on itself. The remedy of making more and more stuff for people that had no money didn’t work. When China had failed back in 2020, and Brasil, India and Russia had also failed to take the position of China, which had replaced the USA, then the whole world government collapsed and the rats ran to Israel for cover. With the voting in of the National Socialist Party of Worker’s victory, then everything had changed in relation to Israel. They were encouraged, as a nation State to move lock stock and barrel to the much bigger and more suited location of the Jewish Autonomous Region in Siberia within Russia. Obviously they’d tried to wrangle all sorts of deals, but when the world’s eye turned on Israel and the many, many criminal tentacles that were so deeply rooted in every nations political and financial sectors, except for North Korea, then the world grew angry.

It was soon the time when they had no more excuses though and the world organised their moving. Many, many court trials were held and eventually after those five years of internal struggles at the highest levels Israel was declared a rogue State and the 300,000 Israelis found not guilty were all actually Arabs and Christians who during the annexing of Palestine the Jews had simply took their names and put them in their books to try to legitmise the rogue State. There had been much talk of what was to do with them, and it was finally decreed that for their murderous ways then they receive an end to their misery.

As school went on I found myself having a short discussion with a teacher and fellow class mate about philosophy within art. We were discussing how the materials of today can be comparatively better than those used in the enlightenment times. As we were surely in the most enlightened of times, thanks to Tim Berners-Lee and Adolf Hitler then we could easily discern that as long as we were using the berries and other natural means to make inks and paints, then the old factories that simply clogged the air would not be necessary. Everything would be ran locally, so that the local resources can bring a sense of pride and honour to their communities and thereby raising community spirit. By tying ourselves to the land of our forefathers and the legacies we inherited from them, then we could surely stand a chance in the market place.

Obviously the degree of intellectuality was always only driven by the might of the sword of education wielded. Then at this time the mightiest of the swords of education, National Socialism, had indeed managed to breed a people who were solidly self assured that they could provide food, warmth and shelter to the highest degrees. The mantra “It’s results we want, not excuses” had been found to be a great psychological leg up when pushing oneself on. As the Holy Bible says, “Seek and ye shall find” so it was that the goodness sought revealed itself, and with the help of some imagination with creativity things ran splendidly well. Even that was in the few short months before the election, but with that sense in the air people were fused to it, for it really was so obviously workable.

Day 2: The men came to take away the many fences and cameras all around the place, not only the school. In their place were planted flowers and fruit trees. Some lampposts did have rope loosely hanging from their tops, but it was seen as a good bunting for moral now that literally every criminal had been cleared out. The whole thing had been scuppered by finally auditing the Fed and the Central Banks. The world was nowhere near in debt, the whole media scam was ran by the bankers and their friends, so they were now either working for their keep, or moved onto a better place for everyone.

Every breath of air was a refreshing thing, no skies full of gunk. Link. Every drop of fresh water, fresh. We were singing together, playing games, planting food and every merriment under the sun, then it happened. I was placed for the school dance with Jerry, a tall dashing young man who I’d seen once or twice ride at the stables. He took my hand and we looked at each other. He smiled and said it’s a great honour to be your dance partner, you look very cute. I am sure I blushed a little, but he’s very handsome so. I did respond with a smile and a quiet thank you. As the music began it’s simple beat, we took our steps as the way the traditional dancers of past generations had. I was so glad that I’d chosen to play in the mornings, as the band now were missing out on this. In honesty they did get their chances and my own best friend also got put with a great lad, who is pleasant and honest and rides motorbikes for fun, so  he promised he’d take her on the back in the fields sometime. She said Jerry and I were invited too, we both laughed, how great.

Sarah, my best friend also wants to have many children, and we both find it so fantastic and encouraging that we actually can with the full backing of the whole country in the form of the State now ran by National Socialism. Such a wondrous dream.. We didn’t even know we could, we thought we’d maybe die or something the way things were. We were so happy to be alive, and we really looked forwards to having lots of babies, especially our first. So exciting.

Sarah’s father had also had a very rough time of it, and their mother was just on leaving when the Party were looking locally for members and found Sarah’s dad kicking chip papers around the street, along with so many others. The children were the ones with the money those times, they were horribly treated to sell drugs. They say it was basically the same as what had happened in Africa all those years ago before China had annexed Africa, about 2008, just after the Olympic Games. Apparently it was a promise from Israel to wealth swap with US to China, but as the new National Socialist governments around the world had found, the whole thing was based on credit the International Jews were stealing from the Nations. Link.

Now we all expect every country to be in harmony. Certainly our country will, and will always be the best example that we can be for other nations to follow. The people are ALL together in moving forward. The foreigners have returned home safely to their own nations as hosts now to themselves. The Jews are gone. GONE! and everything is about luxuries, merriment, joy, there are so many great things for the majority to now relish. The minorities are again minorities, and every continent has it’s rightful people back. Even in Southern Africa, Rhodesia, South Africa, German South West Africa and others are cooperating well for the better way of life. the more sure way of life. The life to sing about with glee and enjoy in every way that is positive, wholesome and something of value to the family, the society and the nation. Therefore ultimately it is for the benefit of the world from the ground up. I’m just a fourteen year old schoolgirl, but it’s working, and spirits are high. Information is passed quickly and people have the right support and encouraging people around.

Long live the winning way! Long Live National Socialism and Hail Hitler!!!


Our Duties are Defined


We can all do a little bit for ourselves, a little bit for our close ones and a little bit for everyone, and still have plenty of time for more. It’s our duty and our duties are defined by our actions.  We only have to think for ourselves and in the long term. “From little acorns, great oaks grow.” English proverb.

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China in the 1936 Olympics, as hosted in National Socialist Germany.

Jesse Owens wins gold in Nazi Germany, 1936 2.jpg

China entered the 1936 Olympics as guest to show the traditional sport culture of China, but did not compete. China was not seen in another Olympic games until Barcelona 1984. Link,

I remember as a small child asking my mum about why the cleaning smelt so strong as she disinfected the kitchen on random day when I was very young. She explained to me about bacteria and how diseases an spread easily when food stuffs are left. I was quite fascinated by the idea of the repugnant smell being the cleaner. What my mum said was though, was that Hitler was very good at it. I guess it struck a deep chord with me, for it was only this evening that I finally remembered to share it with a friend while talking. My grandfather had been there for the clear up after the war. He was my mothers father and he’d joined the army through subscription. Here is Hitler’s National Socialist Germany of 1936. Link.

Did you think we wouldn’t notice?


The Jews, with their disgusting insistence into genociding the People of Europe by feeding Africans into our sports has got to stop. The transfer news for the Premier League for next season 17/18 looks like a completely African affair. It’s a disgrace. How these “athletes” can get means to get foney permits to work here while our own players, though much more skilled, are said to be more expensive, is an excuse that doesn’t wash any longer.

It’s time to bring racism back into football and protect our sport culture for Our people here.

Left to Right: Greece, Denmark and Spain

Now some African teams:

Left to Right: Nigeria, Senegal and Ghana

Now some Asian teams:

Left to Right: Japan, China and South Korea.

Now the transfers in the “English” Premier League.

Premier League

Ahmed Hegazi [Al Ahly – West Bromwich Albion] Loan

Yoan Gouffran [Newcastle United – Goztepe SK] Free

Cuco Martina [Southampton – Everton] Free

Liverpool seek Naby Keita from Guinea. Manchester United seek Tieme Bakyoko from Monaco, he’s born in France but looks as African as his name sounds. Liverpool have bought Mohammed Salah, who is North African by the sounds of his name. Everton are getting Loec Remy, another African.

What’s going on with Our game. England was the best of the best without cheap imports from God knows where breaking all sorts of employment laws that are definitely NOT protecting our infrastructure.


Celtic’s Moussa Djelembe from Senegal to Arsenal